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Potty training with character underwear can help parents' sanity and kids' confidence

Having trouble encouraging your little one to use the potty on his or her own? Superman, Spiderman, Barbie and a host of other children's heroes are here to save the day in the form of character underwear.

Featuring the most beloved of children's characters from Mickey Mouse to Mulan, character underwear can provide the vital encouragement and incentive little ones need to take the plunge.

"Toilet training can be one of the most trying and traumatic periods of child development - for moms and dads, as well as kids," said Becky Folds, director of marketing for Hanes and Hanes Her Way. "Fun character underwear in bright, bold colors provides kids with a boost of assurance to help them on their way."

According to family psychologist John Rosemond, encouraging young potty trainers to wear underwear can speed up the learning process. This way, children are able to feel the discomfort of those inevitable accidents - an unpleasant but gentle reminder that helps them recognize the need to use the potty.

Having toddlers wear underwear also allows them to feel and look like the "big kids." In fact, pediatrician Dr. Alan Greene insists that encouraging children to imitate, by watching older siblings and parents use the bathroom and by wearing big kid underwear, is one of the most effective ways to teach them how to use the bathroom.

Celebrating even the smallest of successes is another crucial element of potty training. Since potty training usually occurs at the age when children begin to assert their individuality, having children pick out their own underwear can be an important aspect of their development.

"As children get older, clothing becomes an increasingly important form of individual expression and identification," said Folds.

For more information on Hanes and Hanes Her Way products, call (800) 994-4348.

- North American Precis Syndicate

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