Smuin Contemporary Ballet

Smuin Contemporary Ballet artists Claire Buehler, from left, Tess Lane, Brennan Wall and Brandon Alexander dance in Amy Seiwert’s world premiere of “French Kiss.”

Smuin Contemporary Ballet once again brings world-class dance to the intimate Mountain View Center for Performing Arts this weekend with “Dance Series 2,” a mixed bill that offers something for everyone – from longtime ballet fanatics to those attending their first professional dance program.

The program begins with Katarzyna Skarpetowska’s “Sextette,” an athletic yet graceful piece that allows the six dancers’ technique and partnership to shine. I found my eye often being drawn to Cassidy Isaacson with her bright-red spacebuns, beautiful lines and effortless ability to express the “story” of the dance on her face and in her movement quality. The neoclassical piece acts as an enjoyable vehicle for the company’s always stellar classical skill, but when understood in the full context of the evening, the overall effect of the dance becomes more subdued, resembling its minimal, white costumery and soft music by Johann Sebastian Bach.

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