Pentecost is Sunday (May 31). Laurie Kurgas, director of the InSpirit Healing Rooms of Los Altos and Saratoga, offers the following reflections. She can be reached at

As we face battles in life, we may feel powerless, weak in our own ability. Perhaps regularly, or perhaps at some time when we reach a breaking point, we fall to our knees and call upon the One who can help, the One who made us and loves us just as we are.

Oftentimes, we don’t realize that the battles we face in the physical world actually have a spiritual root or dimension. The enemy creates strongholds that we fall victim to or that keep us in captivity. When Jesus walked on Earth, He taught us how to call upon our Heavenly Father, how to pray to Him. And, Jesus showed us that He is the way to heaven. Before He ascended into heaven, Jesus promised that God would send us a gift, power from on high – that we would receive the Holy Spirit. Jesus describes the Holy Spirit as a Counselor, the Spirit of Truth and One who teaches us and reminds us of what Jesus has said.

On the day of Pentecost, the 50th day after Passover, the followers of Jesus were acting according to what Jesus had instructed, waiting for the gift that God had promised. While they were assembled together, suddenly there was a sound like a great wind from heaven that filled the whole place, and tongues of fire separated and came upon each follower of Jesus. They were filled with the Holy Spirit. They were speaking in tongues. Wind and fire represent the presence of the Holy Spirit. It was an amazing, holy, supernatural encounter. And, it’s a gift that we receive as we accept Jesus as our Savior and are baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual weapons

In the Bible, we read about the “armor of God.” He has given us spiritual weapons with which to fight the battles that we face on Earth. We must put on this armor. And it says that we must pray in the Spirit on all occasions. There is power when we pray in the Spirit. It’s one of the gifts that God gives us, to fight the battles with His power.

This year, Pentecost is on May 31. Let us prepare for this day, asking the Holy Spirit to come upon us with power, that we may stand together, united in Christ, to fight the battles we face. I share with you my recent journal reflection on the power of prayer, hoping that it encourages you and strengthens you, with blessings from God.

Journal Reflection – I Pray

I don’t pray because I’m strong,

I pray because I’m weak.

Unable to move the mountains with my own power.

I know to call upon the heavenly forces,

To beckon the Almighty, the Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit,

To partner with God, to align with His will,

To seek His wisdom and discernment, guidance,

To be set free.

I also pray to become strong. In Him.

Jesus gives us power and authority.

I pray to learn His ways, to glean from Scripture.

I pray to surrender …

my preconceived notions

my fleshly desires

my sinful ways

my weakness

my worldly influences

my control

my fear

my justification

my weariness

my disappointment

I pray to commune with my Heavenly Father

To draw strength from Jesus

To walk in the power of the Holy Spirit

To be in relationship with this personal Trio of love, hope, joy.

I pray because I’m strong.

God says – my prayers have an impact, prayers of faith.

Prayers of the righteous. (They availeth much.)

My prayers have power – change things;

Bring about Truth and Justice, Love and Strength,

Protection and Healing, Deliverance and Freedom.

Don’t stop praying.

The enemy tries to stop us

from praising and praying

because he knows their power.

Don’t waste this Power

Pray without ceasing.

Pray in the Spirit on all occasions.

Praise in all circumstances – these release Power

in the Heavenly realms.

What is Prayer?

Relationship encounters of communication

With the Almighty God, Creator of all,

Father, Savior, Healer, Counselor, Eternal Spirit.


Glorifying the One True God, Jesus the Son, The Holy Spirit.

Thanking. Celebrating. Rejoicing.

Explosion of Gratitude.