By Design: Designing your space for body, mind and soul

Living room” width=
Lauren Edith Andersen/Special to the Town Crier
Editing a room and getting rid of unnecessary items can help create a calm, streamlined space.

Whenever I walk into a client’s space, the words that go through my head are “edit, edit, edit.”

‘Amazing Manzanita’: Consider planting a native in your garden

Manzanita” width=
Tanya Kucak/Special to the Town Crier
Manzanitas can perform stem photosynthesis in the trunks and branches, converting sunlight to sugars that feed the plant.

Most trees have thick bark. The bark insulates the living tissue from weather and protects it from insects. Have you ever wondered why manzanita has bark so thin that it peels in midsummer? Kate Marianchild did, and she set out to find the answers to a multitude of questions about what makes manzanitas so special.

Ask a Designer: The designer interviews the client

Griddle range top” width=
Courtesy of Miele Inc.
A kitchen remodel offers the opportunity to choose from among a variety of kitchen appliances.

I recently completed a remodel of a ranch-style home that includes a kitchen, mini-kitchen, powder room, small bathroom, fireplace revision, exterior paint, light fixtures and front door.

Getting tired of staying home? Try refreshing your space

Fireplace” width=
Courtesy of Sherry Scott Design
Pairing a neutral-colored fireplace surround with wood paneling painted a glossy red color that’s brought up and onto the ceiling takes the space from dull to dramatic.

While we are in month 11 of staying at home because of the pandemic, at least we can expect restrictions to ease sometime this year. In the meantime, here are answers to some questions I get about simple ways to improve outdated or dull designs in your home.

Attract songbirds with native plants

Gooseberry” width=
Tanya Kucak/Special to the Town Crier
Long spines on the flexible branches of fuchsia-flowered gooseberry offer good cover for birds.

Bringing birds into your garden might seem to be a no-brainer: just install a bird feeder. But like humans, birds are healthier when they can eat primarily from the garden, not from a “fast food” stand.

By Design: Styling your home for a fresh start

Coffee Table” width=
Lauren Edith Andersen/Special to the Town Crier
Coffee tables can get easily cluttered. A wooden tray can be used to corral a few items.

One of the most common misconceptions I hear from clients and friends is that styling their home will cost them thousands of dollars. In reality, thoughtful home accessories don’t need to be expensive – and they can make your home feel brand new.

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