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Promoting well-being in bedroom design

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Creating a restful, calm and inviting master bedroom, above and right, can promote both good health and restoration.

Every summer, my family and I spend time at the beach. I love waking up early, grabbing a cup of tea and finding a yoga class outside, breathing in the fresh air.

This summer I met a charismatic classmate, Dr. Neal Jain, who is an allergist-immunologist from Arizona. During our time together, he emphasized the impact that sleeping well has on overall health. I began to think about the ways our sleeping spaces can be designed to promote health and restoration.

When my associates and I are called to decorate a master bedroom, we start off with a simple formula to make the room feel fresh and inviting.

We start by removing clutter, especially on the nightstands.

We select hotel bedding that can be washed weekly, making the bed feel fresh and smell clean. Cotton percale is the best choice for year-round use. It stays cool and crisp during warmer months but is still soft and warm when used with a duvet during the cooler months.

For years, it seems we were hung up on the thread count, which can be misleading. Thread count isn’t the most important factor in picking sheets. Looking for a good-quality cotton is more important.

There is so much information online about bedding, but in the end it really comes down to the touch test: Pick the thread count and weave that feels best on your skin.

I like to stack the best-quality down, or down alternative, pillows two deep for reading and comfort.

Decorative pillows and bolsters, in a beautiful fabric and layered in front of the stacked pillows, give the bed a unique style. A soft throw folded and arranged on the foot of the bed is a must.

We also place a vase of fresh flowers on a cool nightstand to energize the space.

It is important to have window coverings that can block light for good sleep but can also allow light through when you want it. We consider shutters, draperies or shades, picking whichever works best for the clients.

I prefer hardwood in the bedroom over wall-to-wall carpet, so dust can’t accumulate in the pad below. An area rug is placed under the bed for bare feet to land when stepping out of bed in the morning.

Keep those health-sapping allergens at bay with surfaces that can be easily dusted and a clutter-free space under the bed for easy vacuuming. Using a robotic vacuum, such as a Roomba, makes the process even easier.

Lighting is important for different purposes. We source ideal reading lamps that can be dimmed when the mood strikes, for optimal control of the space.

Interesting or textured wall covering can give the room a tranquil coziness. If the client doesn’t want that look, paint color is selected to enhance the space. Art and mirrors always convey a sense of personal style.

It really is easy to create a bedroom that is all about peace, serenity and calm.

Celeste Randolph is an interior designer in Los Altos. For more information, visit

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