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Tips for keeping your home secure

A recent spate of home burglaries in Los Altos has left residents concerned about how to protect their homes. The Los Altos Police Department prepared the following list of ways to keep your home and belongings safe.

• Lock all doors at night and every time you leave.

• Make sure your exterior doors are solid hardwood or metal-clad and that they have wide-angled peepholes at heights everyone can use. If the doors have glass panels, they should be reinforced.

• Make sure all entryways have a working, keyed entry lock and sturdy deadbolt lock installed into the frame of the door.

• Make sure the door leading from the garage to the house is solid wood and protected with a quality door lock and deadbolt.

• If you have a sliding glass door, make sure it has a dowel or pin that prevents the door from being shoved aside or lifted off the track.

• Make sure windows lock when they’re closed and have dowels to hold them in place when they’re open.

• Install a bright motion-sensor light at every exterior door.

• If your switch box is outside, make sure it’s locked.

• Clearly display house numbers so that first responders can quickly locate your home.

• When you leave town, set lights on timers to go on and off at appropriate times. Ask someone to tend the yard and watch your home.

• Store firearms unloaded and locked in storage boxes and secure them with trigger guard locks.

• Keep spare keys with a trusted neighbor, not under a doormat or planter.

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