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A bachelor's guide to cleaning, courtesy of MAIDS

You and your sweetheart have gone on a few dates, and she's itching to see your bachelor pad. Be careful, though - she may end up literally itching when she gets there because you, along with 10.5 million other bachelors in America, are oblivious to the thousands of dust bunnies and dust mites roaming your home.

While the stereotypical cleaning habits of bachelors is a source of humor, a dirty home is also a dangerous home for many allergy and asthma sufferers. With more than 50 million Americans aggravated by allergies and allergy-induced asthma, what are the chances that your date may be one of them?

Play it safe, clean your home for health as well as appearances.

Besides the obvious, such as removing dirty gym socks from light fixtures and washing or destroying mildew-ravaged shower curtains, THE MAIDS recommend the following tips to bachelors:

Air it out. Open all of the windows and air out the place for at least 30 minutes. Do this preferably when the pollen count is low.

Toss it. Throw away all newspaper stacks because they are cockroach breeding grounds. Cockroach fecal material and their body parts are strong allergens.

Remove it. If your shower curtain liner has mildew on it, take it down and wash it in the washing machine with a capful of bleach.

Collect it. Use a piece of tissue paper to collect loose hairs on the floor of the bathroom.

Shut it. Put down the toilet seat. Not an allergen, just a turn- off.

Scour it. Clean around the toilet.

Wipe it. Wipe off kitchen counters using an all-purpose cleaner. Crumbs and dirty dishes also attract cockroaches.

Dish it. Get dirty dishes out of the sink. Put dishes in the dishwasher or hand wash them.

Trash it. Throw out any unidentifiable food items in the refrigerator. Thoroughly wash out your refrigerator with soap and water, then rinse with vinegar and water. The vinegar rinse helps inhibit mold growth.

Pick it up. Use a laundry basket to pick up clothes and other items and store them in a closet.

Dust it. Dust mites are one of the most common allergy aggravators. Get rid of them by dusting and vacuuming.

If you've successfully completed these steps, you're ready to bring your date to your healthier and cleaner home.

Fales is owner of THE MAIDS, a Mountain View-based cleaning company also serving Los Altos and Los Altos Hills. You can reach her at 967-1246.

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