Couples Counseling: Childproofing your marriage post-baby


Babies should come with a warning label that says: May be hazardous to your marriage.

Staying Active: How exercise counters cognitive decline

Research and clinical studies from several disciplines of science have recently revealed that increased physical activity reduces aging effects that slow down the brain as well as mobility.

So how does physical fitness add up to 10 years of a more active lifestyle and 36 percent more brain efficiency to seniors’ quality of life?

Passion Fit: Reduce risk of breast cancer via exercise, nutrition

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so it’s important to understand the risks associated with the disease and what can be done to reduce them.

According to, approximately 12 percent of women – that’s one in eight – in the U.S. will develop breast cancer over the course of their lifetime, and 250,000 women are expected to be diagnosed in 2017 alone. While these statistics are concerning, my goal as a yoga and wellness instructor is to educate, motivate and develop a sense of empowerment to create or maintain the lifestyle needed for risk reduction and prevention purposes. Exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits could prevent 25-30 percent of cases of breast cancer, according to many studies.

Postpartum depression fairly common in new mothers

Motherhood – we romanticize it and expect each new mother and baby to bask in its golden glow. But for one in seven mothers, depression and anxiety during pregnancy or baby’s first year are an unexpected and unwelcome part of becoming a mom.

What are postpartum depression and anxiety? What are the symptoms and causes? How are they different from the “baby blues”?

Helping seniors improve balance and reduce the number of falls

Courtesy Of PhysioFit
Physical therapist Kim Gladfelter helps a patient with strength and core excercises, a regimen she said can help seniors with balance.

Seniors are more susceptible to falls than younger people. A variety of factors contribute to the increased danger of older adults losing their balance and taking a tumble that could cause a broken bone or head injury.

The following information aims to help family members make a senior’s environment safer and learn to ask the right questions when visiting a doctor.

The heart-mending doctor El Camino surgeon uses new device to save lives

Courtesy Of El Camino Hospital
Dr. Dan Kaiser, a cardiac electrophysiologist, treats patients who have irregular heartbeats or are experiencing heart failure.

His heart gave out and his car lost control, causing him to break several bones in the serious accident. A device in the man’s heart brought him back to life, but it wasn’t a long-term solution.

That’s when Daniel Kaiser, M.D., of El Camino Hospital stepped in. He helped save the man’s life earlier this summer by implanting a new device that should enable him to live a normal life.

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