The tyranny of the mind and mindfulness

Stuck in a rut. Try as you might not to think about what just happened, or didn’t happen but should have, still you can’t let go. Even if you want to let go, and you’re not sure you want to, the “insult” sticks in your head like Velcro.

In your mind, an endless mental vicious cycle of resentment or doubt or regret or anger spins: “She’s always so difficult!” “He doesn’t care about my feelings!” No peace is to be found.

Understanding and treating incontinence

Last month’s column on pelvic health received so much positive feedback that I’m following up with a look at a common, related topic: bladder leakage.

You sneeze, jump, laugh or cough, and suddenly you feel a small amount of urine leak out. Sound familiar? First, there is no need to be embarrassed. Bladder incontinence affects millions of women of all ages, especially pregnant and postpartum ones. A recent study revealed that more than 10 percent of women between the ages of 19 and 30 experience unintentional leaking of the bladder. Prevalence peaks around menopause, and it still remains a common problem among women over 60.

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