The heart-mending doctor El Camino surgeon uses new device to save lives

Courtesy Of El Camino Hospital
Dr. Dan Kaiser, a cardiac electrophysiologist, treats patients who have irregular heartbeats or are experiencing heart failure.

His heart gave out and his car lost control, causing him to break several bones in the serious accident. A device in the man’s heart brought him back to life, but it wasn’t a long-term solution.

That’s when Daniel Kaiser, M.D., of El Camino Hospital stepped in. He helped save the man’s life earlier this summer by implanting a new device that should enable him to live a normal life.

Local woman makes 155-mile journey to raise money to fight Lyme Disease

Courtesy Of Debbie Nelson
Debbie Nelson, center in green, takes a break from her fundraising hike along the Camino Portugués. For part of her journey, she hiked with three supporters of Lyme disease research from Denmark.

Mountain View resident Debbie Nelson recently turned her vacation in Spain and Portugal into a mission, walking a 155-mile stretch of the Camino Portugués last month while raising money for and educating people about Lyme disease.

“I was planning to do this as a vacation, and then as I was thinking about it, I thought, ‘If I could raise money doing this for Lyme disease, I’m going to do it,’” she said. “And then I also wanted to talk to people from different parts of the world to see what they’re doing for it.”

It's 3 a.m., you're nursing alone, but you're not alone

Courtesy of Camille Fisher
Bay Area breastfeeding aficionados – like Camille Fisher and her daughter, Lara Belle, above – invite local families to Berkeley 10 a.m. Saturday to celebrate black breastfeeding.

When I returned to work in downtown Los Altos as a new mother, I regularly asked myself what professional repercussions I’d experience from noncovert breastfeeding. Some of you probably saw me nursing the baby at the library, in front of Linden Tree Books and once – during an epic meeting that stretched into a designated “lunch break” – while interviewing what turned out to be a supremely supportive grandmother.

Committing fully to both a chosen career and nursing my daughter was a privilege, more than worth anxiety and awkward moments along the way. And I’ve learned how to ask for help to an unprecedented degree as a new mother. As I interview other new moms in Los Altos and Mountain View, I hear this over and over about feeding a baby and returning to work: It is so much harder than we expected. But with cheerleaders and role models, we’re figuring it out.

Making connections: Audiologists hear the call for help locally and abroad

Courtesy of Deborah clark
Pacific Hearing Service audiologists Jane Baxter, back, from left, and Deborah Clark bring their audiology services pro bono to communities around the world such as Zambia, above.

Multiple celebrations are in order for Pacific Hearing Service.

As the business celebrates its 40th year at 496 First St. in Los Altos, it is expanding into the office space next door and its new nonprofit organization is up and running.

Out of joint: What you should know about knee pain

If you are one of the 23.7 million Americans experiencing knee pain that affects your ability to walk comfortably, turn or bend, there are treatments that can help you postpone knee or hip replacement surgery while you continue to exercise and enjoy an active life.

The most common cause of knee pain disabilities in the U.S. is arthritis. Statistics from Tufts Medical Center reveal that at least 31 million Americans suffer from osteoarthritis, a condition in which joint cartilage wears out and breaks down, causing the rubbing of bone against bone. Another 5 million Americans, mostly women, suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.

Treating individual depression with relationship counseling

Depression. Just the word can cast a pall even if you are not depressed. To a person suffering from depression, life may be colored by a gray or even black cloud.

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