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Local audiologist debuts 3-D hearing aid

Photo By: Courtesy of Pacific Hearing Service
Photo Courtesy Of Pacific Hearing Service

Pacific Hearing Service audiologists will unveil the Oticon Alta advanced hearing aid March 5 and 6.

Pacific Hearing Service has introduced a new discreet hearing device that can deliver personalized sound experiences. The Los Altos-based business is scheduled to unveil the new Oticon Alta and other advanced hearing aids March 5 and 6 at its offices at 496 First St., Suite 120.

“Most people assume that when it comes to sound quality, people with hearing difficulties prefer louder,” said Dr. Deborah Clark, co-owner and clinical audiologist at Pacific Hearing Service. “In fact, those with hearing loss, like most people, have a wide range of preferences for what sounds best to them.”

According to Clark, the way people experience sound is as individual as a fingerprint.

“We all have our own hearing preferences,” she said. “It has to do with how the individual brain ‘hears.’ This uniqueness is especially important to anyone coping with hearing loss. The traditional one-sound-fits-all designs are not very satisfying. Now there are many better options.”

The Oticon Alta is vastly different from previous hearing aids that assumed the same setting would satisfy everyone, Clark said. The new hearing device works in harmony with the user’s brain so that users can differentiate sounds and hear more clearly, even when they move from one difficult listening situation to another.

The improved technology enables Oticon Alta users to join in conversations more easily – even in noisy environments, like restaurants, when a number of people are talking at the same time combined with the background of the clatter of dishes and other conversations. Because Alta users hear in 3-D, they have an improved capability to follow conversations coming from different directions. The device adjusts automatically as its user turns from one conversation to another.

“We use sound samples and questions about personal preferences to help our patients choose the sound quality that is most clear and pleasant to them,” Clark said. “This allows us to customize the hearing aid settings for each individual.”

Invitations to the event are available to all interested parties.

For invitations and more information, call 941-0664 or visit

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