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Hands to heal: Los Altos chiropractor uses personal, holistic approach

Photo By: Ellie Van Houtte/Town Crier
Photo Ellie Van Houtte/Town Crier Chiropractor Mary Reimer developed and refined the Reimer Method of care, which incorporates several chiropractic techniques, throughout her 28 years in business in Los Altos.

For nearly 28 years, Los Altos chiropractor Mary Reimer has approached the task of helping and healing her patients the same way – with a welcoming ear-to-ear smile.

Reimer, who owns and operates the Reimer Wellness Center at 778 Altos Oaks Ave., said she believes healing requires a holistic approach that does more than simply address musculoskeletal problems and other ailments with adjustments and additional therapeutic techniques.

To her, healing includes providing the personal touch, which often means lending a friendly ear.

“I listen to people,” said Reimer, who will celebrate 28 years in business in Los Altos Oct. 20. “I listen to what they say, but I listen to their bodies, too.”

The Reimer Method

Reimer has developed her own multifaceted technique – called the Reimer Method – to treat patients who range in age from newborns to 99. Reimer noted that she didn’t “reinvent the wheel” in developing her method over the past three decades. Instead, she incorporated various chiropractic techniques and other services such as massage therapy to address her patients’ wellness needs.

“We have a lot of methods in chiropractic, and a lot of people will claim, ‘I only use this method or that method,’” said Reimer, who is also a certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. “I wanted to have a comprehensive approach … I wanted to have a whole bag of tricks to best respond to that person.”

Included in that approach is the Graston Technique, a noninvasive, instrument-assisted treatment designed to help patients with range-of-motion problems and stress injuries, in part by breaking up scar tissue.

Chiropractic and massage therapy services aside, Reimer said she often advises patients on everyday habits and situations to promote optimal health. This includes advice on nutrition, sleeping positions and proper footwear, as well as tips to create an ergonomically configured workspace.

“I tell people that the most important thing you can do is support yourself in whatever you do,” said Reimer, who offers a free weekly educational seminar for interested residents. “Besides the specific stretches and therapeutic exercises that I give, you have to look at your support. It’s all about support.”

A satisfied customer

At the root of Reimer’s success, according to former Los Altos Mayor Jane Reed, lay her personable nature and her ability to connect with patients.

“She’s very kind and good at what she does,” said Reed, who has used Reimer’s services for approximately 20 years. “Her personality works well with me. … She just pays a lot of attention to her clients.”

But Reimer is quick to note that while her array of services can be beneficial for numerous wellness issues, she’s not the cure-all for every malady.

“Is it a panacea and does it help everybody with everything? No,” she said. “I have a network of people I’ve developed through the years from every health profession, and when I say, ‘This is not the right approach for you,’ I send them out to wherever they need to go.”

Reimer recalled a memorable event five years ago, when a broken and bleeding patient arrived at her office in an ambulance after a car accident.

“Sometimes people can take it a little too far,” she recalled with a chuckle. “There has to be a happy medium.”

As for her pending 28-year anniversary, Reimer said she’s planning an open house to celebrate. The event, while still scant on details, will be open to the public and offer something for children and adults alike.

“It’s just going to be a great event to say thank you for all my years,” she said. “I feel most appreciative of having the ability to provide relief to the community for so long. I’m happy we have so many success stories.”

As for the future, Reimer said she’s content to continue her practice in Los Altos and considers herself fortunate to be able to do something she loves.

“I’ve been so privileged to do what I love, be pretty good at it and get such good results with people,” she said. “I watch my patients over the years switch over from this career to that career and I think, ‘Wow. Why didn’t I ever have a yearning to do something else?’ I just got really lucky and found what I loved.”

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