FDA set to update labeling on dietary supplements

Courtesy of Statepoint
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has required that all dietary supplement products include updated labeling by January 2021, a move aimed at addressing the evolution of the American diet.

Dietary supplements help people get the nutrients they need to thrive, and 77 percent of Americans take them, according to the Council for Responsible Nutrition. However, experts advise that to make smart choices down the line, it is necessary to understand changes being made to product labels.

“The Food and Drug Administration has mandated that all dietary supplement products feature updated labeling by January 2021 to reflect the evolution of the American diet, as well as advancements in nutrition science,” said Brian Wommack, the Council for Responsible Nutrition’s senior vice president of communications. “Larger manufacturers will comply by January 2020, and many other manufacturers will be introducing the new labels early, so it’s smart for everyone to get familiar with the updates now.”

Why practicing gratitude is good for our health

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While planning for the holidays can be stressful, practicing gratitude can improve physical and mental health, sleep and relationships.

Thanksgiving and the holiday season are just around the corner, providing a nice reminder to think about what we’re grateful for. Gratitude is something we can and should focus on throughout the year to look at life through a positive lens. It also can create amazing benefits for our health and well-being.

Below are five scientifically proven reasons why practicing gratitude is good for our health.

Feeling unsteady? How to recognize signs of a balance disorder

Courtesy of Kim Gladfelter
With everything going on in the course of the day, balance is not often a focus until someone points out that something could be off. Physical therapist Kim Gladfelter says that a certain amount of balance is vital to living a healthy life. For seniors, seeking guidance could help prevent serious falls.

You bump into furniture often. You’ve stubbed your little toe more times than you can count. Are you a little clumsy? Just signs of aging? Or could your balance problem be something bigger?

Most of us rarely realize we have a problem with balance until it’s pointed out and made obvious to us.

El Camino awards $50K to county's drug redistribution pharmacy

Courtesy of the Mountain View Police Department
A Mountain View Police Department employee collects unused and expired drugs from a local resident and properly disposes of the pills at the agency’s drug takeback event Oct. 26. The county’s Better Health Pharmacy received a grant that enables it to redistribute surplus medications to low-income residents.

The Santa Clara County Public Health Department’s Better Health Pharmacy received a $50,000 grant last month from the El Camino Hospital and El Camino Healthcare District Community Benefit Program.

According to Joe Simitian, president of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors and chairman of the county’s Health and Hospital Committee, the grant will enable the pharmacy to help more residents access drugs they need at no cost.

Sense of belonging: An effective antidote to bullying

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With statistics revealing that 25% of U.S. schoolchildren experience bullying at some point, creating a sense of belonging can mitigate the negative impacts by promoting a feeling of connection with school, peers, community and family.

School districts have multiple resources and strategies in place to prevent bullying, yet the National Center for Educational Statistics reports that 1 in 4 American children experience bullying at some point during their schooling, and 1 in 2 LGBTQ children. The U.S. Department of Justice revealed that 160,000 children daily skip school for fear of being bullied.

Pumpkin packs surprising nutritional benefits

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According to Passion Fit’s Reena Vokoun, pumpkins are not only festive, they also are rich in antioxidants and beta-carotene.

Now that Halloween and Thanksgiving are on the horizon, pumpkin season is officially here. While many people simply think of it as a treat to enjoy in pies, ice cream and spiced lattes, or a decoration to carve and put out on the porch, pumpkin, a type of winter squash, is considered a superfood.

Pumpkin has many surprising nutritional and health benefits you may not be aware of. Be sure to check with your doctor for any dietary restrictions, but following are five benefits to take note of that may encourage you to add more pumpkin into your life all year long.

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