Flock of friendships: Geese Revolution flies toward a healthier future

Courtesy of Angela Alvarado
The fitness group Geese Revolution conquers the Los Altos Hills Pathways Walk/Run in May. Several of those who participated had never competed in a race before, let alone in a trail race, said founder Angela Alvarado, front.


Physical fitness can be a solitary pursuit, but there’s fun and fellowship in flying in a flock.

That’s why area native Angela Alvarado launched the Los Altos-based Geese Revolution in January, a fitness group designed for individuals and families who want to spend as little money as possible while they expend their energy partaking in a fitness regimen. Her enterprise’s name is a nod to the concept that geese fly in formation, with each one taking its respective wind. When one falls out of line, the rest notice the loss.

Wellness communities offer motivation to stay healthy

Courtesy of Reena Vokoun
Several benefits can come from working out in groups, such as social connection, inspiration, leadership and impact, according to Los Altos Passion Fit owner Reena Vokoun, center.


When we’re not feeling motivated to exercise, we often come up with a laundry list of reasons why we can’t do it. Perhaps we’re tired, hungry, have work to do or are sore from a previous workout.

There’s hope, however. According to a 2011 research study in the journal Psychology of Sport and Exercise, fitness habits are often influenced by others who are close to us. Our own perceptions of the type of social support we might be receiving also can be pivotal.

Loneliness is common and curable



People need people. That’s not a platitude, it’s a scientific fact.

Without regular interaction with other people, the resulting loneliness poses a threat to our physical health. Statistically, feeling lonely is equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. And then there is the fact that loneliness plays a major role in suicides.

"Tech neck": iPads can pose physical problems for users

Courtesy of Michelle Reynolds
While both men and women can experience “tech neck,” or pain resulting from peering over devices for long stretches of time, women seem to be more likely to use their tablets in positions that don’t offer back support. The woman at right is sitting in a position that could cause discomfort ranging from irritation to serious injury.


Anyone who works in an office or spends more than a few minutes a day at a computer knows that “tech neck” is a real thing.

Companies spend a good deal of money annually creating ergonomic workstations to prevent problems associated with using computers and other technology. It’s a good investment, as missed work and lost productivity can cost millions of dollars per year.

Hope and healing: Cancer survivor series comes to El Camino Hospital this week

courtesy of Sheryl Brown
Participants share their experiences in a counseling group at the Cancer CAREpoint resource center. In partnership with the center, El Camino Hospital launched a new series of workshops for survivors, scheduled 6-8 p.m. Wednesdays through Aug. 1.

One cancer survivor quit her job to spend more time with her 8-year-old son; another left Silicon Valley to find a less stressful environment; a third returned to teach an art class for the organization that helped embolden all of them to take charge of their lives again.

For three years, Cancer CAREpoint’s Survivorship Series has provided a free space for more than 200 cancer survivors to discuss and share their post-treatment experiences, according to project director and Mountain View resident Sheryl Brown.

Exercises treat and prevent injury, break bad habits

While the body is remarkably strong and resilient, it is also fragile. Injuries can occur when people push themselves too hard, don’t warm up properly or use improper form when exercising.

Unfortunately, one injury can set you back weeks, or even months. Even seemingly minor injuries can slow you down and keep you from your normal activities. The implications of this are far-reaching. When you have an injury that keeps you from being mobile, it doesn’t just affect one part of the body – it affects cardiovascular health, overall muscle mass, body weight and quality of sleep. You may even experience depression or anxiety as a result of your physical state. Lack of regular physical activity can lead to additional health problems. A small strain may not be such a big deal, but more serious injuries can be life-changing.

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