A walk through the history of roses as a wedding flower

Photo Courtesy of Pexels.com
Roses are often a surprisingly affordable option to use as wedding flowers.

In recent years, the most famous wedding has been Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal celebration last May.

Florist Philippa Craddock and her team arranged their flowers, using flowers and plants that naturally bloom in the wedding season. The special arrangements featured traditional white garden roses, foxgloves and peonies. They also comprised some flowers Prince Harry picked from the couple’s private garden at Kensington Palace, including Princess Diana’s favorite, forget-me-nots, as a tribute to his late mother.

Words of wisdom for newlyweds

Courtesy of Nancy Andersen
At Nancy Andersen and her husband’s wedding, their guests offered sage advice on how to maintain a happy marriage.

On a beautiful September afternoon, my husband and I joined hands and vowed to love each other ’til death parts us. Our friends and family gathered to celebrate and support us, and even gave us plenty of advice to ensure a happy marriage.

To be honest, the cards on which these wise words were written were rubber-banded and tucked away for safekeeping after their initial reading. But in reviewing them nearly three years later for this article, I can see which ones I should have kept handy. There have been plenty of times when this sage advice could have helped us – not just when we lose our connection, but also to maintain that secure bond.

Finding finery: Princess Project unites fairy godmothers, prom-bound teens

Above Photo Courtesy of Katie Matice; Below Photos Courtesy of Amanda Jones and Nicola Lore 
Fairy Godmothers like Katie Matice, above left, help students like Maryanne Quiste, above, find the perfect prom dress. Young women can sift through a selection of thousands of gowns, below, to find the perfect fit.

Two major moments mark an American woman’s experience of “the dress”: prom and wedding.

The experience of saying “yes” to a gown can be triumphant, or feel poignantly out of reach. Will you find something you like, that makes you feel good? And then, could you ever afford it? With a lavish assist from the wedding industry, Princess Project volunteers invoke the spirit of the fairy godmother when local teens experience this for the first time.

Wedding planning reveals values – couples can aim to synch, not clash

Courtesy of Heather McLaughlin
A Vegas wedding with Elvis as officiant? You never know what you’ll learn about your partner’s longheld fantasies once wedding planning gets underway in earnest.

It happens: The soul mate who shares your love for the environment, informality and celebrating al fresco suddenly reveals a lifelong dream of a traditional wedding in the family’s place of worship, followed by a lavish reception at a posh hotel with a top-rated dance band and bacon bar.

Planning a wedding may or may not be a crash course in really getting to know your affianced partner. Hopefully, you’ve had more than one conversation about children, finances, gender roles, spiritual values and long-term goals, to name a few, as you plan your future together. Ideally, this is an ongoing dialogue. But how do your individual values play out as you plan your wedding?

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