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Wedding To Remember

Survey holds key to solving wedding registry puzzle

With spring only a few months away, it's a good bet future brides and grooms are spending countless hours deciding - and arguing - over the right items to place on their wedding gift registry. However, not all well-wishers will stick to this "sacred" list when choosing the perfect gift.

A certificate for two burial plots and a framed picture of the mother-in-law were two of the unique - and unregistered for - wedding presents unveiled in a recent wedding gift survey conducted by Hamilton Beach, which produces small kitchen and garment care appliances.

When 1,000 men and women were asked what the most useless wedding gift they ever received, unique answers also included a bag of lemons, an ash tray, a box of staples, a pin cushion, photo copier, a cup to hold cigarettes, body liquors, clothespins and a curling iron.

One couple was even promised a pair of football tickets that never materialized.

When it's time to finally settle on the official registry list, men and women definitely have different perspectives on what makes the cut. When posed the question, "If you were getting married today, what three items would you register for?" the women definitely had a more grounded point of view. More than 42 percent of the women surveyed placed china and daily dishware at the top of their list, followed by 22.4 percent voting for bed linens, and 14.2 percent selecting silverware.

When the same question was asked of the men, the sky was the limit, with many of survey respondents dreaming of big-ticket items. A happy 11.4 percent wished they would wake up on their wedding day with a new car in their driveway, and another 10 percent expected to return from their honeymoon to a brand new house. The top response, which matched the women, was china and daily dishware (22.4 percent).

Since plenty of time is spent in the kitchen learning new recipes and figuring your spouse's culinary desires, survey participants were asked, "If you were getting married today, what three small kitchen appliances would you register for?" Convenience definitely took a front seat, with both women and men agreeing that toasters (48.1 percent combined), blenders (36.7 percent combined) and mixers (31.7 percent combined), topped the must-have list.

Hamilton Beach Wedding Survey Results

If you were getting married today, what would be the top three items you would register for?

Men & Women

1. China/Dishes - 32.6 percent

2. Bed Linens- 15.7 percent

3. Silverware - 11 .2 percent


1. China/Dishes - 22.4 percent

2. Car - 11 .4 percent

3. House- 10.0 percent


1. China/Dishes - 42.1 percent

2. Bed Linens- 22.4 percent

3. Silverware - 14.2 percent

If you were getting married today, what would be the top three small appliances you would register for?

Men & Women

1. Toaster-48.1 percent

2. Blender- 36.7 percent

3. Mixer- 31.7 percent


1. Toaster- 48.2 percent

2. Blender - 33.9 percent

3. Mixer- 27.7 percent


1. Toaster- 48.1 percent

2. Blender - 38.9 percent

3. Mixer - 34,9 percent

The survey was conducted Jan. 24-26, 2000 by TeleNation for Hamilton Beach and consisted of 1,000 interviews, 480 males and 520 females.

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