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Wedding To Remember

Bride's guide to calming wedding-day jitters

During the hours before your wedding, you are going to be a nervous wreck. Who wouldn't be? You are about to take a giant step into the unknown and simultaneously throw the most important party of your life. Here are some simple techniques for getting rid of the jitters. Practice early and often.


Take slow, deep breaths and focus your attention on your breathing. You may feel pressed for time, but a few minutes of deep breathing can save your day. Sit down if you feel light-headed. If your dress is too tight for deep belly breathing, do the best you can. Concentrate on feeling the pressure of your breath against the dress as you inhale and feeling the pressure slacken as you blow all the air out.

Climb stairs

This will help to deepen your breathing. Being careful not to break a sweat, exert just enough energy to get your heart rate up. For a few moments, focus your attention on your body - how you feel on the inside, not how you look. If there is no staircase handy, look for two or three steps that you can go up and down until you feel less jittery.

Get hugs

Hug your family and bridesmaids, and ask them to squeeze you tight: "I need a good, strong hug." If your family is not the hugging type, start training them now.

Do a silly dance

In the privacy of your getting-ready room, sing a little song and wiggle everything you can wiggle. It doesn't have to be a particular song - riff on "doodle-le-do." Get your bridesmaids to join you if you can, and have a laugh at yourselves.

Loosen your grip

You have spent months planning this day, taking care of a thousand details. Now let the day unfold, knowing that something unexpected, unplanned and uncontrollable will happen. Let it be. It is not possible to be 100 percent in control of an event. Surprises add humor and humanity to the day.

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