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Saddle up for some lessons from the trail

I ran across one of my few attempts at cowboy poetry and thought you might find it to possess a certain rustic charm. Who knows? Perhaps it’s even a useful comment on those lessons from life that are often learned the hard way.


Poetically Correct

I ain’t no famed psychologist.

Don’t got no Ph.D.

But I’ve found me a “lifestyle trend”

That’s not real plain to see.


The up-and-comin’ cowpoke

Must be socially correct.

He cain’t jist scrape his boots off,

If he aims to win respect.


No, if a man of vision

Would with gentry walk among,

That feller cain’t jist watch his steers,

He’s got to watch his tongue.

S’pose days of hard trail ridin’

Has left him stiff and tender.

If he don’t choose his words right

He’ll offend the other gender.


He cain’t jist hike his jeans and moan,

“My saddle sores is fabled!”

Instead, he says, “Where I sit down

Is functionally disabled.”


The moral of my little tale?

Don’t blame yore maw and paw.

If you cain’t seem to git ahead,

Jist rope and tie yore jaw.


Bob Simon is a Los Altos resident. For more information, email [email protected]

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