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Communication is key to successful relationships

What is a relationship? The dictionary defines it as “the mutual dealings, connections, or feelings that exist between two parties, countries, people, etc.” The word “countries” in that definition is redundant. If the leaders or people of different countries don’t have a relationship, then the countries won’t have a relationship.

How important is a relationship? There are exceptions, but as a rule, relationships are the glue that bind people. Relationships generate the fuel that gives people the ability to accomplish their desires and goals. Relationships produce families, children, businesses, organizations, governments, sports teams, etc.

How do you develop a relationship? The foundations of a relationship are communication and interest. Without these two ingredients, there is no possibility of a relationship. The key that opens the door to the beginning of a relationship is asking questions. A relationship will never happen when one party makes a declaratory statement and the other party responds with his or her own declaratory statement(s). That is the classic response for making the point that you weren’t listening to what the other person had to say. The stage is now set for demonstrating that that person’s statement doesn’t count, and yours is more important. The result: no communication, and no interest. Hence, no relationship.

There is a simple fail-safe formula for beginning a relationship. It is: questions = communication = dialogue = interest = relationship.

Follow that formula and more marriages would be saved, children would receive better guidance, education would improve, people would be more satisfied, governments would be more productive and countries would be friendlier toward each other.

Allen Cymrot is a Mountain View resident.

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