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Sharing the road: An ode to local cyclists

Ellie Van Houtte/Town Crier

As spring blooms proliferate in our gardens, so do the colorful outfits of bicycle riders along Foothill Expressway and numerous byways in our community. While their attire varies greatly, all cyclists have one thing in common – frequent physical contact with their bicycle seats!

I have observed this phenomenon (from a safe distance; I no longer ride yet am slightly envious of those who do). Here is my take on the cyclists with whom we happily share the road.

Hitting Below the Belt

The bicycle – a work of art;

So lithe, so trim, so neat –

Began with two disparate wheels

Supporting one small seat.

With evolution, bikes progressed.

Today they come complete

With moly frames and poly gears,

Two brakes – and one small seat.

Which human part takes the heat

As this mis-design-ed seat

Finds every nook and cranny?

The avid biker’s fanny.

If biking makes you somewhat sore

And you are in a pique,

Do yourself a favor great:

Don’t turn the other cheek!

From the cycles’ point of view

Here’s joy beyond compare:

A biker hooked on Jenny Craig,

With tiny derriere.

With insight that seems heaven sent,

I feel a tad ambivalent.

To make my turnabout complete,

I now feel sorry for the seat.

Bob Simon is a longtime Los Altos resident. For more information or to comment on his column, call him at 948-9054 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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