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"Occasional verse" pops up in wedding toast

Courtesy of Bob Simon
Proud grandpa Bob Simon cradles his first grandchild, Jake, whom Simon would decades later immortalize in verse on Jake’s wedding day.

Some writers of lighter poetic fare describe their wares as “occasional verse” – a double because their periodic writings are rendered on special occasions. Other wandering minstrels thought of that line first, so I just describe what I do as “outrageous light verse.”

Yet I am equally guilty of presenting most of my efforts at significant events, usually family weddings. Sometimes my stand-up moments have even been command performances, as in, “Dad, you are going to recite a poem, aren’t you?” Such was the case when I toasted our first grandchild, Jake, at his wedding a few years ago.

To Jake

You owe me, Big Time, Mr. Jake!

At least that’s my initial take

I’ve sent so many skills your way

So many traits, such DNA!

I gave you wit and smart retorts

We dance with grace, excel in


We go through life without

a care

We’re both so doggone debonair

A winning pair for me and thee:

Good looks and fetching modesty

Also from me, it’s no rumor

Perspicacity and humor

Whence cometh all your savoir


Put ’er there, Grandson, put

’er there!

More winning ways, passed

through your mom

Composure and aloof aplomb

But what about your dad? you say

No shining role for him to play?

Well, he blessed you with hearth

and home

But more? Just one Y chromosome!

Never mind the clothes you’re


Where’d you get your regal


I jest a little – here and there

Yet we share much for which

we care

We’ve set our aspirations high

As both of us reach for the sky

Yes, all in all, from what

I’ve seen

You carry no recessive gene

As for the debt I said you owe

On second thought, that isn’t so

The scales are balanced, are

they not?

You’ve given as good as you got

We’re just as even as can be

You made a grandfather of me

Bob Simon is a longtime Los Altos resident. For more information or to comment on his column, call him at 948-9054 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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