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I share your opinion regarding the Los Altos Hills lame duck council's action on the pathways map (Nov. 11): "The council instead chose to get it over with instead of bowing to the mandate of the voters and doing the right thing for the town."

So I have volunteered my time and support to the Committee for the Preservation of Los Altos Hills efforts to gather enough signatures by Dec. 6 to overturn the council's bad decision. Fortunately, our laws allow for this referendum process as a simple and nonconfrontational way for the will of the voters to be heard.

Unfortunately, some LAH citizens opposed to pathways again have chosen confrontation and attempts at intimidation to try to thwart our mandate.

We have gathered signatures in front of Draeger's market several times this past week. On Friday, Draeger's store manager, Bob Larrieu, told me how he had gotten a few nasty phone calls from people berating him for allowing this simple signature gathering process to occur at Draeger's.

Larrieu checked with owner John Draeger. Both agreed that since all we were doing was providing a convenient way for those who support our referendum to sign it, they would ignore the few irate calls and allow us to continue exercising our democratic rights.

I applaud Draeger's decision and thank them for their courageous action.

And I would respectfully ask those who oppose pathways because they believe that pathways infringe on their rights not to try to infringe on mine.

Bob Lefkowits

Los Altos Hills

Track down perpetrators of recent Hills violence

We appreciated Jon Miller's comments in his letter to the editor (Nov. 20). Please include our voices in his call for more effort in tracking down and arresting those who were involved in rock throwing and threats to people's safety in the name of the pathways issue.

Since we recently annexed to Los Altos Hills, and looked forward to any benefits that attend thereto (in particular the sewer), it is disconcerting to realize that we are now in a community where elected officials are threatened with bodily harm if they do not conform to the wishes of one group's ideas.

We grew up in Los Altos and have lived here for over 50 years. We've always felt happy and proud to be part of its citizenry. In the last year, however, arsonists have set fire to a church, possibly due to religious or ethnic differences, and vandalism and bomb threats have occurred with very little public outcry. This is a shameful thing to happen anywhere, but particularly in a community that has the reputation of being well educated and affluent.

Along with Miller, we believe the Town Crier, and all Los Altos and Los Altos Hills residents, should speak out and put pressure on authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice. There is no excuse for apathy. If terrorism cannot be controlled in our own small community, how can it be controlled in the world?

David and Karen Jessen

Los Altos Hills

Thanks for returning belongings

I would like to thank the person(s) who found my purse at the Rancho Starbucks around noon Nov. 22, and the Starbucks employees working at that time who kept it safe. After I realized my purse was missing, I went back to the store, and I was delighted to have it returned with all credit cards, cash, driver's license and keys intact. I am a firm believer that most people are honest, and I want to thank you for reaffirming that belief. God bless all of you for choosing to do the right thing!

Cathy Harari

Los Altos Hills

Used cell phones help stop violence

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Los Altos community for responding so generously to my request for used cell phones to aid victims of domestic violence. To date, I have collected over 8,000 cell phones since December 2000 when I collaborated with the "Donate-A-Phone" program. Despite the media coverage throughout Silicon Valley, the majority of the phones came from Los Altos residents.

I would also like to thank Los Altos resident Tom Hoffman, who owns R.M. Hoffman Company in Sunnyvale, for providing the shipping. His assistance has been invaluable.

The "Donate-A-Phone" program was introduced by the Motorola Company in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Originally, the call was made for one million telephones to be given to women and their children who fear for their safety and could not otherwise obtain cell phones for emergency use. Your used cell phone may have saved a life.

It is very simple to start your own collection and requires no financial support due to a fundraising program called PhoneRaising. It is designed to raise funds for your club or organization. PhoneRaising enables you to harness the value of the estimated 30 million used cell phones lying idle in America's drawers and closets. These used cell phones are just waiting to be reprogrammed, refurbished or recycled to help benefit your organization. You collect the phones, they pay for shipping and they send you a check to support organization's revenue objectives. Everybody wins!

To learn more about "Donate-A-Phone" program, please view their website at www.donateaphone.com.

Shelly Potvin

Los Altos

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