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It is sad to see that there are many issues surrounding the Cupertino Union School District that trouble parents and community members alike.

One recent incident that I find troubling is the recent action item that came in front of the board. It was a vote to offer the contracts of modernization to two construction firms.

The district staff presented a report of two companies that were qualified to undertake the project but failed to present any bid information.

Board member Barry Chang requested information on the bid and stated that he would be uncomfortable extending a contract without such critical data. Community members in the audience also expressed discomfort that the district staff did not obtain or provide this information and urged the board to revisit the information provided by the staff.

Unfortunately, the vote passed 4 to 1.

It is obvious that a process was overlooked and that the school board handed over a blank check to those firms.

The district has intentions of introducing a parcel tax in the near future. How can the community support a parcel tax with this recent example of such poor oversight of the funds the community had previously entrusted them with?

Lynette Lee Eng

Los Altos

Error in campaign literature

I am writing to let your readers know that an error appeared in some literature that I used in campaigning for a seat on the board of the El Camino Hospital District. Due to a miscommunication, Dr. Dominick Curatola (a current member of the ECH Board) was erroneously listed in some of my campaign literature among the community leaders who had endorsed my candidacy. I just learned that my understanding was mistaken. Dr. Curatola has informed me that he ultimately decided not to endorse any candidate in the ECH Board race.

I regret the error and any inconvenience to Dr. Curatola.

Bill James

Mountain View

Security takes precedence over LAH pathways

The state-mandated modernization of the "pathway element" of the town's Master Plan was the major item on the agenda for the 11/7/02 council meeting. Although the Council passed the motion to OK the pathways map which has been more than a year in the making, the issue is only temporarily dormant. It is almost guaranteed that the demand will be made for the new Council to modify the map.

I had not attended a council meeting/public hearing for a couple years, so I was astonished at the intensity of the well-organized "anti-personal property" group's hostility toward sincere attempts to compromise among the various political factions in the Town.

This vocal minority typically appears at these public hearings in the form of a rabid mob. Each member, in his turn at the lectern, is intent, it seems, upon being the most vitriolic in winning their "get the council" contest, thereby becoming the champion of the group.

Many criteria have come to characterize the pathway issue. However, it should be obvious that the security of an individual property and its owner is paramount and it trumps all other criteria.

The one thing that should not be done, no matter how attractive the other criteria may be, is to create avenues to and through personal properties for the opportunistic criminal.

No property owner should be coerced to have a pathway against his will.

The town must not continue the past practice of extortion by trading building permits for unwanted easements. Ifthe property-owner desires the pathway, however, so be it.

If public domain is deemed to be of overriding importance, then the property-owner must be fairly compensated, in accordance with the "taking clause" of Amendment V.

In the instant matter, this could be either monetarily or by alternate means of protecting his property, or both.

Let's not be stuck on the socialistic "one size fits all" approach.

Carl J. Clement

Los Altos Hills

Bomb hoax, rock throwing must be stopped

I was deeply concerned with your reporting of vandals throwing rocks on September 28 breaking the windows of three residences. I was further alarmed when a bomb threat was made at the latest city council meeting on Nov. 7.

Since damages were targeted at Los Altos Hills office holders, at or around the time of debates for the pathway issue, unless the office holders broke their own windows, it is fair to assume that opponent/s to the pathway revision have committed this unlawful act. An act which, I may further add, is totally against the friendly neighborhood spirit the pathways are supposed to nourish.

It seemed that being able to get away with the rock throwing had embolden the perpetrator/s. Rock throwing escalated to bomb threat at the following city council meeting.

What has become of the democratic process that Americans are so proud of? Are we reverting back to the dark past when neighbors came out of the night and commit crimes against other neighbors?

I would like to call upon the Town Crier and all Los Altos Hills residents to speak out against breaking the law, being politically motivated does not make it right.

We depend on law enforcement authorities to keep us safe and guard our property.

I urge more efforts to be put into tracking down and arresting the perpetrators.

Jon Miller

Los Altos Hills

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