Today's cars have tuned out the tune-up

I frequently get asked, “When’s my next tune-up?” I then have to ask the customer what kind of car they have, what year it is and how many miles. I need to know this because most modern cars do not require tune-ups.

New Toyota Sienna provides all-purpose family transportation

Courtesy of Toyota
The new Toyota Sienna packs nearly 300 horsepower.

For all-around practicality as transportation for a growing family, we don’t believe there is any better choice than a minivan, and among the best in terms of performance and trim is the 2019 Toyota Sienna.

What we drove: 2019 Toyota Sienna, five-door, seven-passenger minivan.

Small vehicles offer big thrills

Courtesy of Fiat
The new Fiat 500X Lounge comes with a 180-horsepower engine with 175 pound-feet of torque.

We recently drove two new vehicles that are practical and fun at the same time – the Volkswagen Golf GTI SE and Fiat 500X Lounge.

They are two examples of the several models in the ultracompetitive compact crossover category of automobiles. Spirited and peppy, in a size that’s easy to maneuver and reasonably economical to buy and own but configured to handle a reasonable amount of cargo, these vehicles are perfect for the young person in college or just starting a career.

Leading the charge on battery replacement

One of the maintenance activities handy people often still want to do on their own is change their car’s battery.

I have no problem with people trying do-it-yourself projects, but approximately a quarter of the time a new battery doesn’t actually fix the problem. In these circumstances, we usually end up discovering that a light was left on, a component is causing a draw or the car has some sort of parasitic draw.

Toyota Avalon: A hybrid worth the hype

Photo courtesy of Toyota
The new Toyota Avalon Hybrid Limited sells for just under $45,000. The car gets 43 mpg in mixed driving conditions.

Last month we discussed the eventual prospect of sedans and hybrid cars becoming extinct – like dinosaurs and passenger pigeons.

Realistically, however, that future won’t come quickly or all at once. So for that next automobile, for those of you who think that a car should be down-to-earth and comfortable while still being earth-friendly and practical, the 2019 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Limited could be your next car.

Hybrids are way to go

Because I am in the auto industry, many of my customers and friends ask me what kind of car I drive and which car would I buy.

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