New Discovery offers best of both worlds

Mike Hagerty/Special to the Town Crier
The 2019 Land Rover Discovery comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

The idea of “rugged luxury” seems like a contradiction in terms – but it’s not.

Proof positive of that is the 2019 Land Rover Discovery HSE Luxury. It’s a rugged, extremely capable SUV that can go pretty much anywhere you don’t need an airplane or boat to get to, but it’s quiet, refined and exceptionally well built.

Ford SuperCrew is a super truck

Mike Hagerty/Special to the Town Crier
The Ford F-150 4X4 SuperCrew Limited offers power and luxury for more than $70,000.

My wife and I were driving down the street the other day, came to a corner and, as I stopped, I saw something that seemed, well, weird.

It was a newer pickup truck, but one with only two doors, in one color, with black trim and steel wheels. Now, back in the day, that was a pickup truck. Today, they’re called “work trucks,” but not too long ago, they were all work trucks. You could make them a little fancier with colored vinyl seats or a two-tone paint job, but a truck was a truck.

Chevy Blazer stacks up well against Highlander

Mike Hagerty/Special to the Town Crier
The Chevrolet Blazer is the company’s sixth SUV. It comes with a 3.6-liter V6 engine that boasts 308 horsepower.

The slicing and dicing of the crossover/sport utility vehicle market is a wondrous thing to watch. The 2019 Chevrolet Blazer is Chevy’s sixth SUV. That’s right – sixth.

The bowtie boys and girls (check the Chevy logo if that reference escapes you) have found a space of daylight between the compact Equinox and the midsize Traverse, and thus we have the Blazer.

Some real-life experiences when sharing the road

A reader recently asked me for real-life examples of sharing the road or sharing the lane with cars. So, here goes.

Left-turn lanes

Most adult, experienced cyclists choose to turn left from the left lane, especially if there is a dedicated left-turn lane.

Getting to the core of the problem

We had a car dropped off last week with a coolant leak on the inside of the passenger footwell. Typically when we see coolant leaking into this area, it’s coming from the heater core. Sure enough, that’s what happened in this case, so we replaced the heating core.

That prompted me to write this month’s column on the heater system (I discussed air conditioning last month), even though fall hasn’t arrived just yet. The heater system isn’t as complicated as the air-conditioning system, but they share some common components.

Ending on a high note

Mike Hagerty/Special to the Town Crier
The 2019 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible 2.0T Final Edition SEL features a turbocharged engine with 174 horsepower. VW recently announced it’s ending production of the Beetle.

You probably saw articles and videos earlier this summer with headlines like “Volkswagen Beetle ends production after 70 years.” I hate to be a buzzkill, but I hate hype and inaccuracy more, so indulge me a moment, please.

The Volkswagen Beetle that started production 70 years ago ended production 40 years ago. There was a big farewell for that one, too – in 1979. And the triple-white Final Edition convertibles are still on the street in a lot of Peninsula cities.

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