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Maternity Seat Belt aims to better protect pregnant women

Should a woman wear a seat belt while she is pregnant?

Some OB/GYN doctors dispute the obvious answer for fear that the lap portion of the vehicle's seat belt may cause injury to the unborn baby. However, without the seat belt, the expectant mother could sustain even greater injuries or death, substantially increasing the danger to the unborn baby.

As part of on-going seat belt safety efforts, Inventive Minds Inc. has designed the Maternity Seat Belt (www.amaternityseatbelt.com), a seat belt repositioning device for pregnant women to help prevent danger that the lap belt can cause to an unborn baby.

The device works in conjunction with the vehicle's seat belt in an effort to provide a safe and comfortable ride for pregnant women and their unborn babies by positioning the lap portion of the belt low, across the hips and over the upper thighs.

"During my pregnancies, I would hold the lap portion of the seat belt out with my thumb while I was driving because I couldn't stand any pressure on my belly," Grace Surdis, mother of three and vice president of Inventive Minds. "We have created the Maternity Seat Belt to make the ride safer and more comfortable for expectant mothers."

Recent research conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has shown approximately 100 people are killed and another 1,000 people are injured each day from accidents.

The research also reveals that seat belts save more than 10,000 lives in America each year. However, during an auto accident, the body torpedoes downward underneath the belt causing the lap belt to rise onto the abdomen, which may result in serious injury and even death to an unborn baby.

The Maternity Seat Belt works to reduce the danger a seat belt can cause to an unborn baby by stabilizing the mother and securing the lap portion of the vehicle's seat belt beneath the abdomen.

-Xpress Press

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