Adults-only ice pops tart up a childhood favorite

Courtesy of Rita Held
Make Mango Tango Ice Pops, a cool and portable summer treat, using Zipzicle ice-pop sleeves. With rum and bitters, the dessert packs a punch for the over-21 crowd.


It’s summer, which means time for a cool, refreshing treat.

Summer Harvest Pancakes get Middle Eastern savory treatment

Courtesy of Blanche Shaheen
Middle Eastern vegetable-based pancakes offer a savory, nutritious alternative to the syrup- laden tradition.

When you think of pancakes, you might conjure up an image of a mile-high buttermilk stack of fluffy cakes oozing with maple syrup. While I love pancakes as much as the next person, the resulting crash-and-burn sugar rush leaves me feeling tired rather than energized in the morning.

Beat the Heat: Dinner ideas that keep the kitchen cool

With temperatures projected to climb toward triple digits this afternoon, turning on an oven or stove-top at dinnertime sounds less than appetizing. The Town Crier's local food columnists have provided inspiration from our archive for alternate dinner options this week, either uncooked or thrown on the grill:

Wheat beers offer surprising diversity of seasonal flavors

Courtesy of Derek Wolfgram
Modern Times Fortunate Islands is a hoppy, tropical wheat beer made in San Diego.

Because beers made with wheat are lighter in color and more delicate in flavor, they are sometimes thought of as less interesting.

In the early days of American craft brewing, many brewpubs offered a simple, often boring American wheat beer on tap. However, today’s brewers use wheat as the basis for interesting sour beers (Berliner Weisse or Belgian lambics), lighter ales featuring spicy or fruity notes (Witbier or Hefeweizen) or brews that showcase fruit or hops.

Try wines from lesser-known U.S. regions this summer

Christine Moore/Special to the Town Crier
Matching wines to different wine regions across the United States can open the palate to new flavors and create a fun way to “travel” while imbibing this summer.

Pack your shopping bags and set off for the grocery store – that’s all you need to take a wine region road trip across the United States this summer.

In season this week: Squash blossoms bring a burst of color to the plate

Megan V. Winslow/Town Crier
Female squash blossoms often have baby gourds attached to their ends. Squash blossoms can be fried, stuffed with a ricotta-like cheese, or both.

Squash blossoms are a “get it while you can” June treat at local farmers’ markets.

The highly perishable flowers are nearly impossible to find in supermarkets, as they last for hours – if you’re lucky, a day or two – after being picked. If you’ve never eaten one before, don’t hold back. The simplest preparations require nothing more than tearing a few flowers to shreds and dropping them, raw, over a salad or soup.

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