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Like moms, vintners bend and bottle time

Christine Moore/Special to the Town Crier
Try pairing a vibrant New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with a picnic for Mom on Sunday.

Time and moms have an extraordinary relationship – we seem capable of bending time when needed.

I know moms who, on any given Thursday, will accomplish a to-do list seemingly three days deep between 3-7 p.m. Other times, moms feel utterly at time’s mercy. I’ve begged for time to speed up, and pleaded with it to stop altogether, depending on what was happening in my children’s lives.

Humble shortbread cookie appears around the world, but with local twists

Blanche Shaheen/Special to the Town Crier
Ghraybeh shortbread cookies use sweet-tasting ghee in lieu of butter.


When Americans think of the shortbread cookie, they often imagine the traditional Scottish cookies, shaped like oblong rectangles and served at teatime.

Noah's pudding: Sweet dish shows a shared story

Photos special to the Town Crier, above, and by Eliza Ridgeway, below.
Los Altos cooks spent 6 hours chopping, simmering and arranging traditional ingredients for a personalized pudding.

Turkish residents of Los Altos gathered for a cook-off Saturday, celebrating a dessert that manages to capture both the childhood flavors of Turkey and a gustatory vision of inter-community diversity.

Hives to wines: Bees benefit local vineyards

Christine Moore/Special To The Town Crier
Honeybee-friendly vineyards benefit from pest control and a mineral-rich aromatic boost.

You’d have to be wearing some pretty serious sound-canceling headphones to miss the increasing buzz about how farmers, biologists, beekeepers, entomologists and environmental groups the globe over are encouraging bee population growth.

Promoting bee health is critical to ensuring human food supplies. Bees can take credit for pollinating approximately one-third of everything we eat and play a big role in what we drink, too, both directly and indirectly.

CA brewers bring fruit and flowers to classic IPAs


Classic West Coast India pale ales feature significant bitterness, as well as hop aromas and flavors of citrus and pine, often supported by a simple malt bill – the grain ingredients that contribute just a touch of malt sweetness to balance the bitterness.

Newer hop varietals contribute other flavor and aroma components, such as tropical fruits, floral character or even blueberry, pear or stonefruit.

United we dine: Familiar ingredients bridge geographic and cultural divides at community meals

Christine Moore/Special To The Town Crier
A rosemary-lemon salt rub adds a West Coast taste to Christine Moore’s family version of the universal comfort food, roast chicken.

In my family, food is central to just about every celebration. It’s a big part of comforting and consoling one another, too.

But I know that we’re not unique in our food traditions. Down the street, around the corner and throughout the world, families make merry, mourn and meet around the table.

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