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Adults-only ice pops tart up a childhood favorite

Courtesy of Rita Held
Make Mango Tango Ice Pops, a cool and portable summer treat, using Zipzicle ice-pop sleeves. With rum and bitters, the dessert packs a punch for the over-21 crowd.


It’s summer, which means time for a cool, refreshing treat.

Adult popsicles are easy to make and great for parties, picnics, barbecues and beach bashes. Tropical fruits perfectly partner with rum and orange bitters, and the fruit adds a nutritious punch.

A relatively new product, Zipzicle ice-pop sleeves, can make popsicles an especially fun and portable treat. Zipzicles offer a reusable way to make Otter Pop-like concoctions at home. A cooler with plenty of ice is all you need to take them on a picnic.

The pops can be made well in advance, ready to go when you are. I made so many of them last summer when I was testing the recipe that I still have some in my freezer – and they’re still very slurpable. Their sweetness depends on the ripeness of the fruit – the riper the fruit, the sweeter the pop.

Want a frozen fruit treat for children? Just leave out the rum.

Mango Tango Ice Pops

• 1/2 cup dark rum

• 1/4 teaspoon Angostura orange bitters

• 3 cups ripe mango, diced

• 3 cups fresh pineapple, diced

• 12 Zipzicle ice-pop sleeves


Measure rum in liquid measuring cup. Stir in orange bitters and set aside.

Place diced mango in blender. Add half of rum mixture, cover and blend until smooth. If needed, stop blender and stir fruit a bit midway. The puree does not have to be perfectly smooth; small chunks are OK if they’ll fit through a funnel.

When smooth, pour into 4-cup liquid measuring cup or pitcher with spout. Repeat with pineapple and remaining rum-orange bitters mix. Combine purees, stirring well. Puree may be made a day ahead and refrigerated.

Open Zipzicle sleeves. Use funnel to fill one at a time, stopping at fill line. Seal and place upright in tall container. When all are filled, freeze for 2-3 hours or until frozen.

To serve, place frozen pops with ice in ice bucket or cooler. Frozen pops open easily if you wrap your hand around them for a minute, then open the top and push up from the bottom.

Makes 12 ice pops.

Notes: It’s OK to lay pops down to freeze; the shape will be a bit flat rather than round. When serving, ice is not needed to surround the frozen pops if served within 5 minutes or so. Zipzicle sleeves are available on Amazon and at Bed Bath & Beyond, Cost Plus World Market and Target.

Los Altos resident Rita Held develops recipes for Angostura USA. For more cooking ideas, visit her blog at

Grown-up summer sundae

Orange bitters with ice cream? Try it. You’ll like it. Just a drop or three of orange bitters splashed over vanilla ice cream adds an entirely new flavor dimension when served with sliced fresh fruit. Many fruits will work, but peaches, nectarines, mangoes, pineapples and papayas are especially tasty. No fruit on hand? Go it alone with just a splash of orange bitters, which also are quite delicious on chocolate or coffee ice cream.

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