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Latest tech gadgets now part of standard school supplies

From notebook computers and personal digital assistants (PDAs) to PlayStation 2 and DVD players, college students are heading to campus with the latest tech gadgets.

From Speak 'n Spell to graphing calculators and notebook computers, today's college students have grown up with technology at their fingertips.

A recent Best Buy survey shows college-aged young adults incorporate technology into every part of their lives. Nearly 85 percent will bring notebook computers, wireless phones, PDAs and calculators to the college classroom, while 40 percent will have gaming systems in their living space.

According to the survey, nearly 60 percent of current college students remember first using technology such as computers, calculators and VCRs before sixth grade.

While 81 percent remember using calculators to get their schoolwork done, another 70 percent relied on computers during their pre-college years. Accustomed to using technology in the classroom, nearly 50 percent of college students will bring notebook computers with them to lecture halls. But, as every college student knows, there's more to life than the classroom.

College students will equip their home-away-from-home with the latest technology, including televisions (84 percent), VCRs (76 percent), portable CD players (60 percent), digital cameras (42 percent) and DVD players (35 percent). And whether they're surfing the Net, sending an e-mail to mom and dad or writing a term paper, nearly 70 percent of college students report they'll use a desktop computer in their living quarters.

From accessorizing living spaces to complementing a favorite outfit, the hottest technology gadgets are an expression of personal style. Four out of 10 college students say the color of their gizmos is an important part of being fashionable. According to techy trendsetters, this season's most popular colors are black, silver, blue and platinum. Trendy colors are showing up in everything from PDAs and cell phones to stereo equipment and video game controllers.

Not only are today's college students tech-savvy and fashion-conscious, they're also making the grade while earning a paycheck. Nearly three out of four (71 percent) students are employed during the school year, and more than half (60 percent) maintain a GPA of 3.1 or higher. How do they juggle everything from classes to social life? Fifty-five percent will bring cell phones with them to campus this school year, helping them make and break plans on the run while staying connected with friends and family. And more than half (53 percent) report they use laptops and PDAs to help them stay organized.

Tips on using this fall's hottest tech gear from the classroom to the dorm room.

Electronic organizers: Keep track of classes, work, extracurricular activities and social engagements with pocket-sized personal organizers. The latest organizers feature springboard expansion slots and come in cool colors such as ice, graphite, blue, orange and green.

Notebook computers: Whether helping with writing papers or watching a good flick, lightweight notebook computers can handle the job with massive storage capacity and power. For the movie lover, these computers come with DVD-ROM drives, 14-inch screens and stereo speakers to provide high-quality entertainment anywhere.

Pay homage to classic VHS movie collections and fast forward to the next generation of DVDs with dual system DVD/VCR combos. They offer the best of both worlds and even serve as CD players, becoming the ultimate space-saving component in home entertainment.

Compact refrigerator: Stash goodies and keep chilled beverages on hand for those late-night cram sessions. These appliances have increased storage capacity with slide-out, full-width shelves, door shelves and reversible hinges, allowing them to fit almost anywhere.

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