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If you need to place a Classified Display ad, please email Mike at or call 650 948 9000.

Regular classified advertising rates are per line, per week. One edition published per week.

Minimum size: 3 lines (approximately 24-25 spaces per line).

Rates per line per week:1 week @ $5.00 per line2-4 wks @ $4.00 per line/per wk

5+ wks @ $3.50 per line/per wk

Garage Sales @ $5.00 per line

All above rates are 3 lines minimum

Free Subscriber ads for items worth $300 or less, limit 1 ad per week

The deadline is Wednesday 4 p.m. for publication on the next Wednesday edition of the Town Crier. (The exception is if a holiday is near or just passed -- then check with us.)

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