Constance Connie LeBaron

Constance Connie LeBaron onlineApril 5, 1922 ? August 25, 2019 Perhaps she was born with her competitive nature. After all, she won that initial race with her sister to be the first born of the twins. And perhaps her competitiveness was further honed by checkers games with her grandmother (Catherine Rogers, nee Lynch) and chess matches with her father (John E. Pearson). Is it any wonder that she eventually came to run her own business that produced games of skill, coordination, strategy, and chance? The Pearson twins began Twinson Company while in high school in Kansas City, Missouri, at Notre Dame de Sion (which presented Connie with the Outstanding Alumnus award in 2014). However, the business was put on hold when the twins attended Marymount College in Los Angeles. After graduation in 1942, Connie joined the accounting department at Douglas Aircraft. She quickly made her mark there when she developed an innovative process in the payroll department. She then completed aerodynamics courses at UCLA and Cal Tech and went to work as a mathematician for the Preliminary Design Department. Following the war, her skills contributed to Douglas’s guided missile program. After the war, the Pearson twins were set up on a blind date with the LeBaron brothers.

Helena Howard Cole

Helen Cole 100219 onlineHelena Howard Cole, a long-time resident of Los Altos Hills and descendant of the San Mateo/Hillsborough founding Howard family, died Thursday the 1st of August, 2019, in her own home in which she lived for 61 years. Born in 1924 in San Mateo, California, to Helene and Joseph Henry Poett Howard, Helena grew up with her beloved sister, Joan, in San Mateo. During the 2nd World War, Helena attended the Branson's School for Girls in Marin County in the late 30's and early 40's. After graduating, she went on to follow her dreams of farming at Kimberton Farm in Pennsylvania. Helena married Nathaniel Parker Cole III on June 21, 1944 and they built their own home, naming it Full House Farm. 

Mary Katherine McCarthy

MaryMcCarthy 100219 onlineMary Katherine McCarthy, known as Mary Kay by friends and loved ones, peacefully ascended to heaven on September 23, 2019 in San Francisco. Mary Kay was a born in San Francisco on March 3, 1934, and spent most of her childhood in Berkeley, California. As a young adult, she attended Stanford University, earning both a bachelor’s and a graduate degree in education. Upon graduation, Mary Kay married William H. McCarthy. Together, she and Bill had eight children and eventually settled in Los Altos. Mary Kay became a cherished member of the community, contributing years of service to others. Mary Kay was the longest working member of the Assistance League of Santa Clara county where she chaired a program for blind children called TAGS (Take a Giant Step) and helped create an apartment complex for people recovering from serious illnesses at Stanford.

Scott Chan & Kendra Chan

Scott Chan
Scott Chan

Scott Chan, 59, and his daughter Kendra Chan, 26, lost their lives in the Conception diving boat tragedy on September 2, 2019. Extinguished too early on earth, they have left behind a legacy of curiosity, adventure, and devotion to the natural world.

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