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OBIT RobertWatson

September 4, 1924 – July 5, 1994

We wish to affectionately honor our Father who passed away 20 years ago over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. Three months before his death, our brave Father, who was battling cancer wrote a paper titled: Charity through Interpersonal Relationships. His written words are powerful and beautifully express the passion he had for life and the unconditional love he felt for all mankind.

The paper was shared at his memorial service held at the Masonic Temple of Los Altos, where he served as a past master and at his funeral service held at the United Methodist Church of Los Altos, where he served as a volunteer and usher. We would like to share some excerpts from this paper so others might take a moment to reflect on these thoughts of human kindness and the power of a single word – Charity. 

“The expression of charity starts in the heart and mind. It is a personal perception of how we may respond to another person’s needs in a positive, friendly and supportive manner. This paper wishes to address the non-monetary gifts of charity that are only recorded in the minds of the recipients and our almighty God. They are the gifts that extend beyond the grave to our children, friends, acquaintances and casual encounters with strangers. They are the gifts given and received in our daily lives. God made every one of us unique and for a special purpose to service him, through our fellow man in our interpersonal relationships. Each one of us is the product of millions who have gone before us and influenced and molded our lives. There are no two souls alike. There are no two whose talents are rivals or whose gifts conflict or interfere. This thought ought to put an end once and for all for all the envy of life – grieving at another’s good! His good is not my good. What I can do my neighbor cannot. So why should we ever be jealous of the other? We should all say, I am unique. There has never been anyone like me and in all time, there shall never be again. I have no double. Only I have unique gifts to offer, as does everyone else. Are we doing all we can to recognize our special gifts and to practice and teach charity with our brothers, family, friends and strangers? We must evaluate how we can uniquely serve mankind in a charitable way with our hearts and the gifts we have already received. There are unique non-monetary charitable contributions that we can all work at if we understand our own potential and if we develop the ability to meet, act and part on the level in a friendly manner and be very sensitive to the feelings of others. In this way, we provide a continuing flow of non-monetary gifts to others. In return, we receive the wonderful gifts from others through these charitable interpersonal relationships”.

Thank you Dad for teaching us the importance of recognizing the unique gifts that God has given each human being and to embrace these gifts through kindness, compassion and humble acts of charity. Lovingly, your four adoring daughters.

Diana, Lynda, Sandra and Robin

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