Letters to the Editor - Week of Jan. 2

Comments deemed ‘demeaning’

In my long career in human resources management, I observed that successful companies had many common core values. One of these was how employees and managers should communicate with each other.

The phrase “praise in public, admonish in private” describes one of these values.

Letter to the Editor - Week of Dec. 26

Mordo’s service benefited LA Library

Jean Mordo has served as a council member for Los Altos and Los Altos Hills during the last 15 years. His service has been characterized by energy, intellect and a desire to continually move forward. His knowledge of public financing and how local governments operate have made his contributions both effective and reality based.

In particular, I want to recognize Jean’s work on behalf of the Los Altos Library and libraries in general. He has served both of our cities as representative to the Santa Clara County Joint Powers Authority (JPA) that administers the county library system. He also has represented each of the cities on the North County Library Authority (NCLA), a body that supports our Los Altos Library. As a member of the JPA, he was instrumental in having over $2 million left to the Los Altos Library by the Virginia Whipple and the Corinne Oberlin estates moved to local control from the county library district. Jean has been a strong advocate for Los Altos and the Hills on the JPA.

Letters to the Editor - Week of Dec. 19

Poor lighting poses public-safety danger

In October, I took a walk in the early evening in our neighborhood. As I ventured through the darkened streets onto Parma Avenue, my right foot landed in a pothole (or uneven pavement surface – it was too dark to see), snapped, and I landed on my left side on the street. Lying in excruciating pain on the concrete in total darkness, I prayed no car would come in my direction. Luckily, I had my phone with me and managed to call my husband.

That night, I fractured my right ankle and injured my left elbow, hip and knee. I have been homebound for the last eight weeks, unable to drive, go to work, pick up my children or do any housework, including cooking. If it were not for the incredibly supportive network of friends and family that stepped in, it is unclear how we would have managed.

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