Letters to the Editor: Bullied council member, mayor's leadership

Stop bullying council member

This an open letter to Kenan Moos, Justice Vanguard, the Town Crier and Los Altos Mayor Neysa Fligor.

Stop bullying and harassing Los Altos City Councilmember Lynette Lee Eng. She has explained how Mr. Moos’ text messages concerned her. She doesn’t need to justify her concern to anyone, nor does she need to apologize for her feelings.

To say that she felt that way simply because Mr. Moos is a Black man is ridiculous. This isn’t about race. It is about a young man who refuses to accept the fact that someone disagrees with his way of thinking.
After three months, it is also about the fact that Mr. Moos and Justice Vanguard are now interfering with our city council’s ability to perform their duties by filibustering at the council meetings and wasting precious meeting time that should be spent on city business.

To Mr. Moos and Justice Vanguard, I say: Stop bullying and harassing our city council member.

To the Town Crier, I say: Stop publishing editorials that subtly lay the blame on the victim, Ms. Lee Eng.

To Councilmember Lee Eng, I say: Stand your ground. You have explained your concerns. No further explanation is necessary and no apology is needed.

Lastly, to Mayor Neysa Fligor, I say: Step up and lead. You need to take back control of your meetings. You are allowing a group of activists to filibuster your meetings. Establish a rule that allows just one or two speakers to represent the entire group rather than allowing all members to repeat the same thing over and over again. We elected you to lead, so step up and lead.

Ken Girdley
Los Altos

Mayor Fligor’s leadership praised

I want to thank Mayor Neysa Fligor for her leadership on the council and in the community. She has been mayor only three months, and the positive change is clear and commendable.

She manages the meetings well, giving everyone a fair opportunity to speak while still moving the agenda along. When colleagues attempted to circumvent a council majority decision, Mayor Fligor remained calm and was always respectful to her colleagues, staff and public speakers alike.

Recently, we’ve had many impassioned members of the public speak, which leads to longer and later meetings. I’ve experienced this myself. I’m glad Mayor Fligor respects these citizens’ needs to speak first and earlier in the evening, ahead of council members, staff and others committed to specific agenda items. Her support for the council norms ensures everyone is treated fairly.

Mayor Fligor is also doing some wonderful things in the community, including her recently sponsored town hall focused on seniors.

As a former mayor, I know it is not an easy job, and based on the last three months, Mayor Fligor is off to a great start.

Curtis Cole
Former Los Altos mayor

‘Cancel culture’ story not worthy of space

I was disappointed to see the Town Crier devote front-page space to recycle a story dating back to November, when Los Altos City Councilmember Lynette Lee Eng was being pressured to resign over speaking about a series of text messages she received that can be interpreted as threatening (“Lee Eng silent amid calls for apology,” March 3). As I said at the time, she should not resign.

Although the final text in the series reads, “I just want to be clear, this is in no way a threat of any kind. This is me expressing my disappointment,” one has to ask why this statement was necessary if the texts in question were unambiguously not a threat? In light of recent events around the country, it is reasonable to fear doxxing, vandalism or physical harm.

I respectfully suggest that if cancel culture prevails this time, they will be back for more in the future and no council member will be safe. Don’t give in to cancel culture.

William Hough
Los Altos

Council member is doing her job

Thanks for your March 3 article and editorial on Los Altos City Councilmember Lynette Lee Eng.

I support Lee Eng in this “cancel culture” issue.

Supporting our police force is her job. Just because there’s a difference of opinion, is she supposed to change her opinion?

Mark Morris
Los Altos Hills

Create programs, then decide on Halsey House

We’re writing in response to the Town Crier’s article about the Halsey House in Redwood Grove (“Halsey House still hotly debated 12 years later,” Feb. 24). To us, the discussion is not about the house in and of itself, but about what programs we want to have at Redwood Grove. And if those programs require a structure of some type, and as per the article, it’s less expensive to renovate the Halsey House than to tear it down and build something new, then renovate it.

All three of our children were fortunate enough to participate in many educational programs led by Keith Gutierrez, and they loved it.

Those were wonderful programs, and we strongly encourage getting those going again as part of our Parks and Rec curriculum. Once that commitment has been made, then the decision about the house is much easier, driven by the needs of the educational programs.

We encourage Parks and Rec to focus their time and effort on creating enriching programs for learning about and enjoying nature, our environment and local history, and that lovely grove of redwoods, and let the decision about the Halsey House follow suit.

John and Holly Love
Los Altos

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