Letters to the Editor: Partisan politics, support for police

America’s wakeup call: Partisan politics

The recent events in Washington, D.C., were a low point for our democracy. Partisan politics and demonizing others was at the core of this travesty.
Over two years ago I posed the question, “Who is our nation’s worst traitor, Donald Trump or Benedict Arnold?”

General Arnold nearly died from his superhuman performances in the battles of Saratoga in 1777. I predict if he had died from his injuries, he would have gone down in history as a great patriot. Trump’s efforts to incite anarchy make Arnold’s treasonous acts look pretty insignificant.

America, let’s use this difficult moment in history to help form a more perfect union. I trust we can stop infighting as archenemies via partisan politics and start working again as partners. We are all Americans with much more in common.

John Swan
Los Altos Hills

Show support for LA Police Department

I wanted to comment on the column written by John Fennell in the Dec. 9 Town Crier, “Observations, reflections on police task force.”

After reading Mr. Fennell’s observations regarding the Los Altos Police Department, I felt that it confirmed what my belief continues to be – that is, our need to believe in and depend on the police department to uphold the law and protect us. The chants to “defund the police” should not be taken seriously by any law-abiding citizen. There is no law without the police.

The community needs to continue to show support for the police to ensure they are continuing at their current high level of performance, as indicated in Mr. Fennell’s research and comments.

Linda Hilsen
Los Altos

Why not criticize Republican offenders?

Regarding the letter to the editor calling for the recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom and others (“Recall politicians for hypocritical behavior,” Dec. 16):

These Democratic officials have been roundly criticized for their behavior, as they should be. However, I saw no mention of President Donald Trump and his superspreader events at the White House or Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s State Department Christmas parties. They and many other Republican officials are repeat offenders as well as totally unrepentant.

Diane Whitman
Los Altos

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