Letters to the Editor: Cuesta road work, question of 'threats'

Speed bumps on Cuesta are ‘just about perfect’

In the Dec. 9 article “Traffic-calming project along Cuesta Drive in Los Altos nears completion,” a former Los Altos resident complains that the new speed bumps have almost sent cars out of control, and that drivers “almost have to stop to go over these things.”

Is his speedometer broken, or is he talking about a different road? My own testing found the Cuesta bumps to be just about perfect. Running over all of them at a steady 25 mph caused no trouble for the suspension of an old Prius, or for the full bags of groceries on board. Tried both directions, on cruise control, touching neither brake nor accelerator except for stop signs.

Any driver needing to slow down and speed up at each bump has a car problem or a patience problem.

Richard Feldman
Los Altos

Does Los Altos need more stop signs?

I enjoyed the opinion piece a few weeks back about how Los Altos has changed (from the good old days) and how we should just roll with the changes (“Things have changed,” Nov. 25).

But what’s with all these new stop signs? Campbell and Arboleda? Really?

George Nutting
Los Altos

Lee Eng owes apology, resignation to residents

This past month, during the Los Altos City Council meeting that discussed removing school resource officers from Los Altos High School and implementing a new complaint system for the Los Altos Police Department, Councilwoman Lynette Lee Eng was a strong force against change and equity as she abstained from voting and made countless unrelated questions to delay the vote.

She falsely accused a member of Justice Vanguard, a local grassroots social justice organization, of threatening her, and proceeded to express her concern for her safety and the safety of her family in light of these “threats.”

The messages themselves proved that not only were there zero threats, but they were clearly an expression of disappointment in Lee Eng’s lack of support in racial matters during the meeting.

Councilwoman Lee Eng made her accusation knowing full well that she was implicating a Black man with her words. She knew full well that by accusing him of threatening her, society would do her dirty work and make him out to be just that – a threat.

Black men are killed for as much as a side glance taken the wrong way or for entering their own homes. There is no evidence needed for law enforcement or privileged society to regard Black men as threats. Lee Eng sided with systemic racism when she wrongfully defamed Justice Vanguard and the Black man who runs it, because she knew how quickly people would agree that the messages were threatening once they found out the author of them is Black.

Los Altos paints itself as a progressive town, pretending as though it is doing enough for Black residents simply by not openly segregating the town. Do not be so naive as to think that because Jim Crow laws do not govern this town, racism isn’t alive and well here.

Lynette Lee Eng proved this with her shameful and disgusting actions, and owes an apology and resignation to the people in Los Altos, who deserve change.

Ella Maluf
Los Altos

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