Letters to the Editor: City manager, affordable housing

Firing city manager hampers Los Altos council

Kudos to the Town Crier for highlighting the outgoing Los Altos City Council’s disconcerting move to ask for the city manager’s resignation in the waning days of its tenure (“Los Altos City Manager Chris Jordan resigns two weeks after election,” Nov. 18).

This power play hampers the smooth transition of governance, puts the newly elected council at an extreme disadvantage as they assume their new role and has a chilling effect on city staff facing uncertain leadership from a new council and new manager.

All this, when our community is reeling from the impacts of COVID-19!

We expect the new city council will conduct a thorough process to find a competent, experienced public administration professional who understands how government works and can forthrightly advise the council on proposed policies and decisions, including when those may stray from principles of good government or the law.

Sadly, given our city’s reputation, stabilizing this leaking ship will be no easy task. We support our new council in the difficult endeavor to set a steady course for an uncertain future, and we sincerely hope the community will offer the mayor and council members goodwill and open minds during this process and beyond.

Los Altos Community Voices Steering Committee
Robin Abrams, Kim Cranston, Cathy Lazarus, Bill Sheppard and Marie Young

Thanks to advocates of affordable housing

In her Nov. 25 “Piece of My Mind” column, Allyson Johnson described the Los Altos I immigrated to in 1961 to a T. I wholeheartedly agree with her that we cannot turn back the clock.

Coupled with the letter to the editor from Anne Paulson (“LA council: Housing problem is solvable,” Nov. 25), we have to find a way for more below-market units.
If it were not for a forward-thinking homeowner, who took a chance on a single, Vespa-riding woman and did a 99% seller carryback (no bank would lend to a single woman in 1974), I would never have been able to own a house in Los Altos.

Thank you, Allyson and Anne.

K. Gabrielle Tiemann
Los Altos

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