Paid political endorsement letters for Oct. 14

The Town Crier offers the option of pre-paid political endorsement letters for candidates in the Nov. 3 election.
Letters must express support for candidates – no negative opinions will be printed. Authors’ names are required for publication. Letters will be published in the order they are received, and we will accept only one letter per author per candidate per campaign.

Please limit letters to no more than 200 words.

The cost is $150 per endorsement letter for either print or online, $200 for both. The deadline is 5 p.m. Wednesdays for inclusion in the following week’s Town Crier.

To submit endorsement letters and for more information, email Howard Bischoff at [email protected]

Dave for MVLA board

As a leading organizer of MVLA Neighborhood Cares, a 200-plus member organization dedicated to working with the Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District and schools on a thoroughly considered implementation of field lights and sound systems at Los Altos High and Mountain View High this year, I personally endorse Sanjay Dave for re-election to the MVLA Board of Trustees for the next four years.

During Sanjay’s responsible leadership of the board in 2019, and as board president in 2020, both the interests of our neighborhood members and high school stakeholders were included in the balanced outcomes of the lights and sound policies adopted by the board in June 2019. Sanjay engaged to work in many hours of mutual due-diligence discussions to achieve our goal of neighborhood inclusion in this important project.

I joined the Zoom board meetings this year while we all dealt with the extreme decisions needed to educate our children safely, and practicably, during this COVID pandemic. Sanjay understands the challenges our schools’ teachers, students and administrators are faced with, as we all navigate this crisis.

At any time, and especially now, I endorse Sanjay Dave for re-election to the board in November.

Mac McConnell
Mountain View High parent

Miller for ECH board

I am writing in support of Julia Miller, candidate for re-election to the El Camino Healthcare District and El Camino Hospital boards.

When I served as chair of the district board, Julia was my vice chair. I know her to be a seasoned board member and public servant. She possesses complex knowledge of the hospital, its policies and its budget process, and she has a commitment to our patients and staff.

Julia also brings to the table long-standing working relationships with hospital staff, advocating for their safety and for state-of-the-art technology and resources. Her goal has always been to provide the community with the highest standard of patient care.

As a physician and stroke neurologist of many years, I understand our patients’ needs. Julia Miller does, too. And in the wake of COVID-19, it’s even more crucial than ever to depend upon experienced leadership.

This is why I have endorsed Julia and support her re-election to the El Camino Healthcare District Board. Please vote for Julia Miller Nov. 3.

Peter C. Fung, M.D.
El Camino Healthcare
District Board

Lee Eng for LA council

Thank you Lynette Lee Eng (and current Los Altos City Councilwomen)!

Your strong leadership was key to accomplishing what no previous city council did since the 1990s: You did the work it took to acquire 999 Fremont Ave. in Loyola Corners!

By doing so, you fulfilled a major part of the recommendations in the Loyola Corners Specific Plan (LCSP). You also put a stop to litigation against the city, and prevented a small, awkwardly shaped piece of land from being developed in an inappropriate and dangerous manner.

The people who worked on the LCSP and the residents who live in south Los Altos, as well as future residents, are forever grateful to you for your ability to see and act on an opportunity to make positive changes for our city and neighborhoods!
Once again, thank you, Lynette, for being a leader we can rely on and who takes initiative to get things done!

The residents of south Los Altos strongly support the re-election of Lynette Lee Eng. She is not beholden to developers, and consistently supports the residents of our community.

Teresa Morris
Los Altos

Mah for county ed board

Grace Mah brings high-quality education to all constituents of Santa Clara County.

When Grace joined the Santa Clara County Board of Education in 2007, she was concerned by the disparity in high school graduation rates for school districts in the north county (that is, Area 1, which includes Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Stanford and Palo Alto) and academically underperforming areas such as East San Jose. Under her leadership, the Strong Start Initiative ( was launched to give all pre-K students in the county the preparation for successful transition to kindergarten and beyond.

Grace is a strong proponent of examining and trying new approaches to education. One approach has included the creation of – yes – charter schools. The majority of the charter schools Grace has supported are located in underserved school districts and include the Rocketship charter schools that have shown significant improvement in English and math proficiency for low-income Latino and African-American elementary school students (

At Bullis Charter School’s renewal in 2013, Grace voted against approval, as disadvantaged youth in the Los Altos School District were underrepresented. In response, BCS stepped up advertisement and recruitment of students from low-income areas of LASD and created a no-cost summer camp for at-risk students.

Re-elect Grace Mah to the Santa Clara County Board of Education.

Sophia Schillings
Los Altos Hills

Meadows for LA council

When we think about the personal qualities that make someone a good friend, we don’t often realize that many of those same qualities make someone an ideal leader and city council member. I believe Sally Meadows exemplifies those qualities.

I first met Sally while serving on the board of Mentor Tutor Connection, a local nonprofit organization. Sally and I worked together on committees, fundraising events and strategic planning. Over the years, I found Sally to be someone who is trustworthy, someone who listens compassionately to all sides, someone who provides strong leadership and someone who gets things done.

I am proud to call Sally a good friend, and I know that she will bring all of her skills and expertise to the Los Altos City Council. Sally will provide guidance and structure to council meetings, common sense and perspective to the issues presented, and strength of character to make the “hard decisions.” Sally’s experience on the Planning and Design Review commissions will be especially important as the council addresses issues pertinent to our community for today and the future.

Please join me in electing Sally Meadows to the Los Altos City Council Nov. 3!

Linda Eckols
Former Los Altos School District administrator

Teksler for MVLA board

I support Laura Teksler for the Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District Board of Trustees.

I will vote for Laura because I believe she has the passion, knowledge and experience to lead the MVLA board in solving critical issues. I am confident that Laura will go above and beyond to ensure the best possible approach to reopen schools for in-person classes, to reduce the stress surrounding academic achievement for students and parents while upholding our academic standards, and to continue to strive for equitable learning throughout our community.

Laura has been involved in our local schools for over 10 years. In that time, I have experienced Laura’s talent to listen and thoughtfully consider various opinions and needs while making a decision. Her highlight reel of school volunteerism includes being an MVLA Foundation board member, participating in the Los Altos Educational Foundation both as a member and as president, and serving on the Los Altos High School Parent Teacher Student Association.

Please join me in voting for Laura Teksler for the Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District Board of Trustees. Visit

Lori Sevcik
Los Altos

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