Letters to the Editor: CHAC, Draeger's, leaf blowers

CHAC ready for the ‘next wave’

It’s clear that mental health challenges will be the next wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The stress of uncertainty, health concerns, income loss and social isolation are taking a toll on mental health that will only be amplified in coming months.

At the Community Health Awareness Council (CHAC), we will continue to serve Los Altos and surrounding cities by providing critical counseling services via telehealth to individuals and families who are struggling to cope. I want to acknowledge those who have made this possible.

First, my sincerest thanks to those organizations that were first to step up to provide emergency funding: Los Altos City Council, Los Altos Community Foundation, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Palo Alto Medical Foundation and LinkedIn.

I’m so proud of the caring commitment of every single staff member, clinician and board member of CHAC. We moved quickly and within days moved our services to a virtual platform to ensure continuity of care.

CHAC’s clinicians have proven themselves to be true heroes with their extraordinary flexibility and dedication to their clients during this crisis.

Finally, I am grateful to live in such a diverse, dynamic community. By uniting to support and care for each other, we will emerge from this crisis not only intact, but proud of our solidarity, strength and resilience.

Marsha Deslauriers

CHAC executive director


Los Altos: Enjoy your space at home

While some locals complain about shelter-in-place, let’s recognize that many developing countries, such as China and Mexico, have homes with crowded indoor spaces.

Meanwhile in Los Altos, many of us live in expensive homes with large backyards.

Given that we have more space, I encourage all of us to stay at home and make use of the generous yards our location affords us.

  The pandemic is reflecting a growing need for our mutual dependence and the need to sacrifice our own desires, such as going outside, in the spirit of keeping our neighbors safe and healthy.

Morgan He

Los Altos High School

Note of thanks to Draeger’s

The following is an open letter to Draeger’s Market in Los Altos.

I was going to write you all a note of gratitude in early March after my heart operation made me realize how vulnerable one is and that it’s important to say “thank you” while you can.

Since then, the country has been yet more violently assaulted by the awful COVID-19. And I realize that while I congratulate and appreciate the doctors, nurses and hospital folk, my real heroes are grocery store employees.

I think you all are amazing. Over the decades, the staff of the Los Altos Draeger’s has offered kindness and daily good nature that have been so dear to me as an extended family. I hug you all in my heart. But now in addition, I salute you. You rock. You do a tiring, hard job with such courage (grace under pressure) and stamina.

I frankly do not know how you do it in these harsh times. But it sure matters profoundly to people like me. Thank each of you so much.

Wendy Fleet

(No address given)


Gas-powered leaf blowers now?

Gas-powered leaf blowers were banned in Los Altos in 1991. It is rather absurd to drive down some street in our town almost 30 years later and hear and see one being used.

It is even more absurd to find one being used now during this serious pandemic.

The polluting gas, the dangerous airborne particulates, the deaf-defying noise are all bad enough. Now let’s add the contagious coronavirus droplets to the air we are breathing.

These lawbreakers and the owners who employ them should be fined, or perhaps we need to return to the time when using this poisonous equipment was a misdemeanor.

Furthermore, since when is gardening an essential business?

Myra Orta

Los Altos

Get priorities straight amid crisis

Over 26 million Americans out of work with millions more added each week. Tens of thousands of mostly small family businesses shut down with many never to return. Others operating on unsustainable shoestrings. The list goes on and on.

Many of those in distress are right here in our own area. All of that misery and we are fussing about leaf blowers? Come on! Get the priorities straight. Rather than spending our energies on trivialities and personal agendas, focus on helping those in distress. For example, do business with the local store rather than the big box or Amazon.

Seek out the small business and ask them what you can do to help. Don’t just stand by idly and watch them fail.

Los Altans have been criticized as being elitist and detached from the realities of the lesser-blessed around us. Nothing proves our critics’ point better than an obsession with a leaf blower.

C.F. Clark

Los Altos

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