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Town Crier carrying conflicting messages

The April 15 Town Crier presents dramatic contradictions. In a photo on the front page, a young man and child are out for a run and bike ride; neither has a face mask. Also on page 1: photos of teddy bears in windows and an article about the fun of a teddy bear search.

On the back page, however, is “An open letter from public health leaders around the nation,” including Sara Cody, M.D., of Santa Clara County. Its message: “STAY HOME.”

Los Altos and Los Altos Hills are special places, but not immune to the virus and able to carry and spread it. STAY HOME. Only two syllables. You can do it. Parents can set treasure hunts inside. If you get sick, you will expect the best care possible even though you blithely exposed yourself and others to the disease. STAY HOME. The life you save may be your own.

Neither your age nor your ZIP code protect you. Infants have died. Prince Charles had it. The UK’s prime minister is still sick with it. STAY HOME.

Susan Embers

Mountain View

Don’t use leaf blowers during pandemic

There are many reasons to stop using leaf blowers during this pandemic. COVID-19 attacks the lungs, and gas leaf blowers force toxic emissions into the air we breathe. All leaf blowers spew particulate matter that includes fungus spores, pesticides and lead. These particulates remain in the air for two hours after the leaf blower stops.

Please be a good neighbor and do not pollute your neighborhood’s air! Please respect the quiet that allows the children to study and their parents to make a living while working at home.

The Los Altos Police Department asks your help in enforcing the ban.

If your neighbor refuses to obey the Los Altos ban on gas leaf blowers and the County of Santa Clara Public Health Department’s stay-at-home order, LAPD asks that you call its nonemergency line at 947-2770. No need to give your name.

Elaine Haight

Los Altos

Improper disposal disrespects workers

Gloves are littering the parking lots of our grocery stores, including the Lucky Los Altos Foothill parking lot.

This behavior is repulsive. Gloves are no more protective against COVID-19 than basic hand hygiene. In fact, those outside of the medical field without proper training are more likely to contaminate themselves with improper glove use.

Who do these litterers think are going to clean up after them? The same grocery store workers already endangering their lives so we can all get groceries?

I would love if the police department started enforcing the littering law and fining these glove-littering individuals. It could be a great revenue stream for our town at the rate I am seeing littered gloves.

I would also like to see people show much more respect to our essential workers and our environment.

James O’Neill

Los Altos


Tree-planting campaign off to successful start

GreenTown Los Altos celebrates Earth Day with environmental action – bike rides, creek clean-ups, library talks and so much more. We also plant trees.

Working with Canopy, a nonprofit focused on urban tree renewal, we set a goal to plant 500 climate-change-resilient trees.

It took a lot of community help – volunteers, students, funding from Los Altos Community Foundation, a generous discount on tree-planting supplies from Henry Nesmith at True Value Hardware, wholesale pricing arranged by landscape designer Jill Woodford and a core team with Kathy Radford, Birgitta Indaco, Roy Lambertson, Christine Keller, Autumn Looijen and Richard Lanman doing planning and making site visits. We hired workers from the Day Worker Center in Mountain View and we had youth volunteers – the Los Altos High School Green Team, Living Wisdom High School, Boy Scout Troop 75, the Service League of Boys and the girls’ service group Together We Can.

We planted our first tree at Rosita Park, a Coast Live Oak, with the city of Los Altos. Fast forward 161 trees later, the most recent tree was planted at a residence, one of 78 homes receiving trees, along with nine of our schools in town. At Almond School, we were carefully watched by four kindergarten classes. When asked why we plant trees, one little girl immediately answered, “Because they give us oxygen.” Impressive!

We are well on our way toward the goal of 500 trees, made possible with a wonderful showing of community teamwork.

Gary Hedden


GreenTown Los Altos

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