Letters to the Editor, stressed teachers, leaf blowers

Corporations: Help feed people in need

We face a mounting humanitarian crisis in Mountain View. Our seniors, disabled and homeless are facing hunger now at a rapidly increasing rate. Many are no longer working and have limited or no incomes. Many seniors are isolated at home and afraid to go shopping.

Our local nonprofits, such as Hope’s Corner and Community Services Agency, are working overtime trying to meet the surge in demand. Unfortunately, they are limited in their ability to acquire food and prepare and distribute hot meals.

We ask that corporate and restaurant kitchens participate to help meet this mounting crisis. Can you help? If so, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

IdaRose Sylvester, Dave Arnone and Marilyn Winkleby

Mountain View

Ban leaf blowers during pandemic

Based on what we know about the novel coronavirus, can there be anything dumber than continued use of leaf blowers in our neighborhoods? Could the city of Los Altos please request that this practice be refrained from for the duration?

Thomas J. Riordan

Los Altos

Stressed teachers susceptible to virus

Health-care professionals treating COVID-19 patients are bona fide heroes worthy of praise. In Los Altos, we have a set of unsung heroes who might be unintentionally worked to death.

While many other California school districts are still preparing to teach remotely, the Los Altos School District hardly missed a beat. LASD teachers were only given two days to prepare, and are working 15-plus-hour days, six to seven days per week, to keep up with irresponsibly high expectations of the LASD administration.

These expectations are to: (1) design a virtual school system; (2) provide daily instructional videos for core subjects; and (3) assign and give daily feedback on two to six hours of homework.

The teachers will do whatever they can for their students despite the resulting exhaustion, stress and sleep deprivation – three conditions known to make people’s immune system weaker and less able to fight off disease.

It is only a matter of time until a teacher becomes ill from COVID-19. I urge the administration to give teachers the prep time they need to safely meet district expectations.

Carlos Rodriguez


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