Letters to the Editor, unsafe intersection, 'Friends' support

Egan cyclist
Megan V. Winslow/Town Crier File Photo
A cyclist pedals past Egan Junior High School.

Egan student decries unsafe intersection

I am a seventh-grader at Egan Junior High School and am writing to inform you of a dangerous intersection on my bike route to Egan.

Each day as I bike to Egan, I encounter problems in trying to turn left onto Linden Avenue from Pine Lane. At least 30-plus students have the same problem as me every morning.

What makes this turn dangerous is that there are cars going to Santa Rita School, but there are also Egan cyclists trying to turn onto Linden Avenue.

As a solution for this, I would propose to implement a crosswalk or crossing guard there to increase the safety at this intersection. I hope that the city of Los Altos would heed my concerns and implement some sort of system that would improve the bike safety at that intersection.

Rushil Ramachandran

Los Altos


Friends of Library grateful for support

The Friends of the Library of Los Altos wish to thank the Los Altos and Los Altos Hills communities for all their support over the past few weeks in the Friends’ efforts to keep their workspace on the civic center campus.

This support consisted not only in letters to the Town Crier and to council members, but also in over 3,000 signatures on the petition describing the Friends’ needs. The Friends would also like to thank the Town Crier for its sustained and comprehensive coverage of the topic. Finally, we would like to thank the Los Altos City Council for finding a compromise, which recognized the Friends’ needs as well as the concerns of some council members.

We look forward to continuing our service to our library and community for the next 50 years.

Margaret Brooks, president

Friends of the Library


Readers respond to ‘Consequences’

Thank you to the Town Crier for publishing two comments from the losaltosonline.com website concerning the Feb. 12 “Unintended Consequences” article. In response to Jessica Thompson’s suggestion that my Los Altos School District-Bullis Charter School concerns might be “financially motivated,” I want to clarify that I am long retired from my prior business, Retirement Administration Inc. We never had teachers’ unions or charter schools as clients.

Thomas Riordan’s comment that the “implication (is) that BCS should never have been started,” does not reflect our view.

The original Bullis Charter School petition is a well-thought-through plan. The section of the charter, “Whom the school is attempting to educate,” indicated a focus on serving students within the former Bullis-Purissima School boundaries. This enrollment statement reflected the race, ethnicity and economic status of the local traditional school. Our view is that Bullis Charter School during the first five years was accomplishing the charter’s intent.

Once the Los Altos School District reopened Bullis-Purissima (as Gardner Bullis), Bullis Charter School leaders began a process of reinvention. In September 2008, the charter was changed to focus on all district students. Our concern is that, as an unintended consequence, the charter school’s current enrollment does not reflect the race, ethnicity and economic status of the district population, which is inconsistent with the intent of the charter.

Many times, we have been confused by the diametrically opposed statements related to the Los Altos School District and Bullis Charter School. Our approach was to look directly at data. Online links to the data and efforts to create summaries are on our website, needanotherlook.com.

We believe it is now time to look at what the data is telling us, ask hard questions and decide the course we want to follow in the coming years.

Sam Harding

Los Altos

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