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Birthday girls receive unexpected gift

On Thursday, Jan. 15, at about 4 p.m., we were enjoying happy hour at Opa on Main Street. We both ordered special (and expensive!) drinks for our annual joint birthday celebration.

We were shocked to find out a little later that another customer had overheard our conversation, quietly paid for our drinks, and slipped out of the restaurant.

To the anonymous man with the service dog who was at Opa that afternoon, thank you so much for your unexpected kindness. You warmed the hearts of these two retired Los Altos School District teachers!

Carol Raymond

Mountain View and Stephanie Tyson

Los Altos Hills


Support your local newspaper

In our opinion, everyone living in Los Altos should read, and support, the Town Crier.

We were so pleased to hear that when the Nybergs (whose enthusiasm and participation in city life were inspirational) retired from the paper, it was immediately taken over by those familiar with it – and who have vowed not only to keep it going, but even to improve it.

Please, neighbors: Subscribe! Advertise! Read! How the heck else are we supposed to find out what’s happening in our community?

The internet may be a good source of selected information, but it doesn’t begin to compare with our local newspaper.

Don and Lizebeth Burch

Los Altos


Roadblocks to fair elections remain

Thanks to the Town Crier for reporting on the very important talk by Alex Stamos, former chief security officer at Facebook (“World Affairs spotlights U.S. election interference,” Jan. 15).

There are two important points that need to be made here.

First, Stamos stated that it was nearly impossible for our U.S. election boards to fight off attacks from Russia, because of the decentralization of our election systems. In fact, election boards have been trying to get funding for increased election security through the senate, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has blocked these funds from being voted on. Senator McConnell is the one who is keeping our election system open to Russian interference.

Second, Stamos states that the very laws guaranteeing freedom of speech allow for deceitful communications to flourish and sway people’s votes. But Mark Zuckerberg (who owns the controlling majority of Facebook) can easily ban political advertising from Facebook, as Twitter has done. Instead, Zuckerberg’s business model includes implementing algorithms that prioritize overly dramatic, false conspiracy theories. This facilitates the duping of the American electorate.

Elaine Haight

Los Altos


Kudos to LA Council for affordable housing

Following is an open letter to the Los Altos City Council.

The Steering Committee of Los Altos Community Voices applauds the city council for its recent approval of the housing development at 5150 El Camino Real.

The 196-unit development will include, at minimum, 28 affordable units. The fact that the decision was unanimous makes it even more impactful.

We also appreciate the efforts the council and Dutchints Development LLC made to address the concerns expressed by neighbors. Plus, we’ll get a much-needed park on Distel Drive!

Housing that is affordable to workers staffing our retail establishments, senior facilities, child-care centers, health-care providers and public agencies is essential to maintaining the economic vitality of our community – not to mention the quality of life we all enjoy.

This development will move Los Altos a bit closer to meeting our Regional Housing Needs Allocation. We look forward to the council seizing opportunities to add and approve additional affordable housing.

Bill Sheppard, Cathy Lazarus, Curtis Cole, Kim Cranston, Marie Young and Robin Abrams

Los Altos Community Voices

Where is transparency on dog parks?

As a Los Altos resident, I was dismayed to read recent reports about the development of fenced-in dog parks in Los Altos, including McKenzie Park (“Los Altos officials set to discuss dog park plans,” Jan. 8).

Of special concern was the failure to notify by email, as promised, the residents attending a December meeting of future workshops. Indeed, the “workshops” turned out to be “presentations” and for “anonymous comment,” whatever that is.

Secondly, the article also suggested there was a predominance of favorable comments, whereas neighbors who attended reported otherwise. They were the same people who did not receive the promised notice. Where is the transparency?

Finally, I want to add my voice as a dog owner and walker who enjoys the special ambience that currently exists in the portion of Mc- Kenzie Park under consideration. Our park is a wonderful place for family recreation and picnics/parties as well as the camaraderie of dog owners. The area at the tip near Fremont and Los Altos Oaks that is under consideration is the location of heritage trees, pleasant seating areas and a small recreation area.

Open spaces such as this should be treasured and cared for amid our ever-increasing local development.

It is my sincere hope that the decision-makers will listen carefully to the voices that should be heard on this issue, including alternatives to fenced-in areas. 

Susan Makler

Los Altos

AAUW event showed ‘lack of decorum’

On Jan. 22, an out-of-town friend was passing by the Los Altos Youth Center. There was a meeting going on with literature from the American Association of University Women on tables near the washroom.

He heard the group singing a song aloud with words relating to masturbation and sperm, audible from the playground in front of the youth center where some small children were playing, their mothers nearby.

He was shocked at both the lack of decorum displayed and awareness as to who was within earshot. He does not live here, but I do.

As a city-owned building, do we need to rent rooms to groups who act out in this way? Does this type of pornographic song reflect our values?

Is this what being family-friendly means?

Michele Coldiron

Los Altos

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