Letters to the Editor – council minutes, conflicting compasses

Post council minutes on city website

I was pleased to read in the Town Crier that the No. 1 “area of focus” for Los Altos Mayor Jan Pepper is open and good government (“From the Mayor’s Desk,” Jan. 8).

I suggest that the best and easiest place to begin work on this topic is by restoring the now-defunct practice of publishing written city council meeting minutes on the city website.

There are currently a total of 16 open-regular council meetings and open-special council meetings in 2019 for which there are no written minutes on the website. In order to learn what was discussed, voted on, passed or rejected in these meetings, I would have to sift through 63 hours and 43 minutes of video of dubious quality.

This is not what comes to mind when I imagine open government.

William Brown

Los Altos

Conflicting compasses: No wonder we’re lost

I propose for your examination the idea that America in itself is an attempt to merge two separate worlds that cannot coexist. Do not mistake me: I love freedom and liberty and choice – in theory. We will begin our experiment by separating the two worlds.

The first we will call World A – your private life. Your faiths and religions. Family and friends. Be kind to one another. Humble yourself. Do unto others as you would have done to you. Help those less fortunate. Don’t take more than you need.

The second we will call World B – your business life. Your occupations and careers. Co-workers and competitors. Dog eat dog. Every man for himself. Look out for No. 1. If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying. There’s no such thing as enough.

Morally speaking, these two worlds could not be more opposite. To survive such a merging of opposites, we must carry with us two separate moral compasses. Unfortunately, we do not come equipped with two – so we must move the one back and forth between worlds depending on the situation.

What is kind in World A is foolish in World B. What is cruel in World A is shrewd in World B. In World A, a man like Donald Trump merits no mention. In World B, he holds the highest office in the land.

How can one compass read so differently standing on the same spot? Is it a wonder we are all lost?

Erik Lansdowne

Los Altos

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