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Recognition spotlights Bring Me A Book

We are so proud of the article you published about Bring Me A Book that we shared it with our board, donors and friends (“Local group wins award from Library of Congress,” Nov. 20).

Many readers had a connection to the article because you included how we support early literacy, engage E3 Youth Philanthropy volunteers, partner with the Family Engagement Institute at Foothill College and receive support from Los Altos Community Foundation. We appreciate that you referenced our book lists and encouraged people to visit our website for more information.

Thank you for supporting us by sharing the good news about our Library of Congress Best Practices Award.

Judy Koch

President and founder

Bring Me A Book

Another perspective on underground utilities

Prior to moving back to Los Altos Hills 15 years ago, we lived in a city with underground utilities. We lived in a very good area of town, and the utility company seemed responsible.

There were many problems with our electric service, and they were not all in those big green boxes that adorned many people’s frontages. Usually they were under the roads. Fixing them required days of digging up the roads and lots of busy-ness and disruption to traffic. Then the roads would be a mess and need to be repaired.

For the last 50 years in Los Altos Hills, interruption to electric service has been infrequent and usually lasted a matter of hours, not days.

One more thing: Utility poles are the closest thing to dead standing trees that we are allowed to have, and owls like dead trees for perches.

We love owls in Los Altos Hills.

Paul Buneman and Cynthia Wain

Los Altos Hills

Banking on friendly customer service

It is embarrassing to admit that I don’t bank online. Recently, after tearing the house apart looking for my handwritten check register, I had to confess to Bank of the West manager Amal Allan that it is permanently lost. Amal, a cheerful and patient soul, had copies made of nearly a year’s worth of missing deposits, calling me at home when they were ready for pickup.

One of the things I love about the Los Altos branch of Bank of the West is this kind of small-town familiarity and service.

Jo Anne Morris

Los Altos Hills

Lee Eng deserves credit for Loyola Corners deal

Earlier this month, Lynette Lee Eng handed the mayoral gavel over to Jan Pepper. The Town Crier allowed her to share her departure letter from being mayor with the readers of your paper (“2019 accomplishments,” Dec. 4). In that letter, she listed the many accomplishments of her time as mayor.

We would like to add one more: the (imminent) purchase of 999 Fremont Ave. in Loyola Corners. Why? Because a decision and action such as that does not happen overnight. It takes many months to accomplish something as big as this.

As a result, we are thanking her for her efforts and her loyalty to the residents of Los Altos. Of course, we would be remiss not to thank all of the amazing women council members for all of their hard work and efforts as well. As the saying goes, there is nothing, nothing, nothing two women (or, in this case, five women) cannot get done before noon.

Sandy Salinger, Jan Thomas, Paula Stanek, Gail Ostendorf, Debbie Skelton, Teresa Morris and Katherine Wurzburg

Los Altos

LA council: Revisit ban on natural gas

I wish the Los Altos City Council would reconsider its ban on natural gas in all-new construction and major remodels. Rather than deny the homeowner the use of a clean, less-expensive source of energy for interior heating and water heating, they should allow the homeowner the option of installing dual-fuel sources. If the homeowner elects to go all-electric, they could eliminate the dual-fuel requirement.

By banning natural gas, our elected representatives, who are there to serve the residents, are going straight to the stick instead of trying the carrot approach first. To sweeten the pot, the council could waive some of the construction fees if a homeowner elects to go all-electric.

So please, council members, offer the carrot first before hitting us over the head with the stick. I think the majority of your constituents would thank you for giving us a choice.

Ken Girdley

Los Altos


Editor’s note: The city has yet to adopt a natural gas ban on new construction.

City Manager Chris Jordan clarifies: “The council has given direction to the staff to modify the proposed ordinance so that it would prohibit the natural gas in new construction, but would allow natural gas for stoves and fireplaces in remodeling projects. The new proposed ordinance will not come back to the council for at least a couple of months because it needs to be drafted and then reviewed by the Environmental Commission.”

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