Letters to the Editor, journalistic standards

Addressing community, journalistic standards

We are writing to state our disappointment with the Town Crier’s choice to publish in the Nov. 13 print edition a number of vitriolic, anonymous comments from its online edition, which baselessly criticizes us individually, the Los Altos School District Board of Trustees and the hundreds of people who went to the workshop to support the district. We don’t believe this meets our community or journalistic standards. 

In online comments, commenters often post loosely, and sometimes even use the anonymity of such forums to launch personal attacks – benefiting from lack of editorial oversight or factual verification by professional journalists. To republish and promote such attacks is irresponsible.

We respectfully request that you block anonymous comments. We would also appreciate it if you could issue a retraction for publishing inaccurate comments without prior verification.

As parents with children in Los Altos School District schools, we and many others participated in the district’s community engagement process, and we encourage all community members to do the same. We hope we will have a community in which people are engaged and can speak and organize politically without fear of being smeared in print by anonymous people who are given the platform of the local paper, and that we will have a paper that will support civil discourse.

Sangeeth Peruri and Peipei Yu

Los Altos


Bill would curb fossil fuel addiction

Regarding recent fires across California: We need to protect our health and homes by creating more climate action jobs, in addition to putting out the fires.

I argue that we need to institute a national carbon fee and dividend to curb our addiction to fossil fuels. If we institute a carbon fee and dividend as outlined by House Bill H.R. 763: Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, we can begin to create an economy that will take preventive measures, not just reactionary measures, to addressing climate change.

If passed, H.R. 763 will reduce CO2 emissions by 40% in the first 12 years and stimulate the creation of 2.1 million new jobs, including climate action jobs like carbon capture, clean energy generation and electric-vehicle manufacturing.

With more people working to protect our environment, we can spend more time addressing the root cause of climate change in addition to the symptoms.

Carlos Rodriguez

Mountain Viuew

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