Letters to the Editor: Mold, Los Altos Hardware, 5150 ECR

Mold in city buildings may require ozone use

If I understood the Town Crier’s recent article, mold that was found in samples from inside city of Los Altos buildings was different from the molds found outside (“Los Altos facilities test low in chemicals, high in mold materials,” Oct. 16).

Generally, a first step would be a detailed inspection of the building(s) to find possible sources of mold growth, generally following water intrusion. Mold, like bacteria, is more virulent than it used to be due to human intervention. (See author Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker.)

About 25% of people are genetically predisposed to be sickened by mold. Cleaning HVAC systems may not be enough if there is active mold growth. One more, thorough method of cleaning HVAC systems is by using ozone. Information about this, as well as a lot of other information about nontoxic mold remediation, can be found at ozonegenerator20000.com.

Cynthia Wain

Los Altos Hills

Los Altos Hardware nails customer service

I wish to commend Los Altos Hardware on First Street for its old-fashioned customer service.

In the current retail climate of big-box stores with their lack of service, or rude service, it is very refreshing to shop at a store where the employees appreciate your patronage and they acknowledge it. Every customer is greeted and treated like they are someone special and always thanked before leaving.

The management of this store trains employees so that they know the products, where to find them and respectfully answer customers’ inquiries. It is unlike the negative experiences I have had at the big-box stores, where no one is ever there to help, you are told to go find what you need by yourself and, if you are lucky enough to locate it, there is no one around to answer questions or even take your money. The few cents you may save by going to a big-box store for your purchase you more than pay for in gas, lost time and aggravation.

Los Altos Hardware is a real asset to this town. 

Myra Orta 

Los Altos

5150 complex warrants stakeholders’ diligence

Re the article “Los Altos council asks for more changes to 5150 El Camino Real proposal” (Oct. 30):

No one is opposing 5150. Dutchints Development stands to make a net profit of $150 million, and the size of development warrants proper diligence by all stakeholders. 5150 can be developed in a thoughtful way given the incremental magnitude of profits enabled by the state density laws.

Dutchints added parking for 5150 residents – this is not a concession as much as it is an acknowledgment of the loose application of the transit hub definition. The Hexagon Transportation consultant had to be read the law by a city council member for proper interpretation.

More parking for 5150 residents makes good sense.

On below-market-rate units – the law for BMR calculations can be applied to derive differing mix and count. City council members questioned the calculation and mix; Dutchints added two units on the fly. What is your conclusion?

The developer wants to maximize profits, the city wants to meet its long-term objectives, and the neighbors want consideration for privacy and safe streets. All of this is possible.

Clarence Chen 

Los Altos

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