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Story poles reveal dangers at intersection

What a shock it was to see the story poles go up at 999 Fremont Ave. here in Loyola Corners! But wow, they really do their job – highlighting the probability of blocked visibility from multiple angles, the prospect of a structure that would loom over its surroundings, swallowing almost every square inch of this little oddly shaped piece of land built right to the edges.

But the story poles do give residents a chance to see what has been proposed and so an opportunity to voice their concerns to the Los Altos City Council before approval.

Have you driven, walked your children, walked your dog or ridden a bike in this area? The ability to see around all these corners is key to everyone’s safety! There are both on- and off-ramps to and from high-speed Foothill Expressway entering and exiting city streets here, school access routes exist and Fremont Avenue, A Street and Miramonte Avenue all meet up here. If this isn’t the worst intersection in the whole of Los Altos, it’s probably a close second. Will this proposed structure make it even more dangerous?

I welcome development that would enhance Loyola Corners, and encourage residents and visitors to enjoy this area, but this current proposal of a too-big-for-its-spot structure seems to me to have the opposite effect. Is this the “Welcome to Loyola Corners” vision Los Altos was going for when putting together the Loyola Corners Specific Plan that had always included a publicly accessible plaza component on this particular site? (Whatever prompted the disappearance of this longtime component of the Loyola Corners Specific Plan in 2017?) Or will its bulk and lack of sight lines send a stay-away-from-here message?

It’s an odd piece of land – in shape, in size, in location – open on all sides, and with no contiguous neighbors. Would such proposed full-coverage, zero-setback construction be allowed along First Street as a stand-alone?

There will be a city council meeting scheduled Dec. 10 at the council’s temporary chambers in the Los Altos Youth Center, 1 N. San Antonio Road. Please come and voice your concerns. Letters to our city council members are critically important – they need and want to hear from residents in the Loyola Corners neighborhood. If no one says anything, how are they to know? They’ve been elected to make all areas in our city desirable locations that we can enjoy safely, and I’m sure they want to ensure just that. This may be my and your last best chance to be heard on this topic.

Dee Miller

Loyola Corners

Los Altos

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