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Toy gun sales send negative message

We attended the Mountain View Art & Wine Festival last month and found it to be fun, well-organized and well attended.

There was, however, one disturbing issue that should be called to everyone’s attention: A vendor was selling rubber-band and slingshot toy guns. In view of the current gun violence across our country, and the daily loss of lives due to gun violence, this is sending a negative message to our children. It says it is OK to play with guns, to aim guns at others, and it enhances the power of gun usage.

These “toys” are dangerous physically. My friend’s daughter was permanently blinded in one eye by a friend playing with a rubber-band gun. There are better toys, educational, useful and fun toys, that could be sold at festivals. Hopefully Los Altos will not issue a vendor a permit to sell toy guns at our festivals.

Recently a child playing with a toy gun at a park in Los Angeles was shot by a police officer. The toy gun was mistaken for a real one. The child died from his wounds. Who was at fault, the mother who allowed her child to have this weapon, the police officer who made the mistake or the manufacturer who chose to make and sell it? All of the above.

Let’s stop mass shootings by not perpetuating the culture of gun violence. It starts with our kids.

Myra Orta

Los Altos

Council members should exert control

I attended the Los Altos City Council meeting Sept. 24. I don’t know if this meeting was typical or not, since I don’t normally attend. My observations are below:

First, I was shocked to hear prior city council members and mayors “lecturing” the current city council members about their relationship with the city manager.  

Most importantly, I was disconcerted by that relationship. The city manager seemed to be talking down to the members of the city council. (Power play or male versus female thing?)

Maybe I am naive, but I believe that our “elected” members of the city council should be making the decisions (with implementation and help from the city manager). It looked to me as if these roles were reversed.

I believe that the elected members of our city council should exert their control over city matters. They were elected because of their vision for Los Altos and their approach to governance.

Sandy Salinger

Los Altos

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