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There’s a lack of cars, not parking spaces

Thank you for writing about the crazy parking fixation (“Downtown needs to get over parking fixation,” Aug. 7). For the longest time, I have been wondering what on earth the issue about parking could be.

I have lived in Los Altos for 23 years, and in all my time as a resident I have never observed overcrowding in parking lots downtown. I can find parking easily, except of course when there is an event downtown.

Businesses in downtown Los Altos are suffering due to an opposite parking problem: They face a lack of cars, not parking spaces! Not enough people go to downtown Los Altos, as the younger generations flock to vibrant Mountain View and Palo Alto in search of weekend/weeknight recreation. I find myself mirroring them, although I can’t claim to be young anymore in my 50s.

Ron Packard, David Casas and Lou Becker are only acting in the interest of themselves or a few of their friends, with perhaps a certain motivation.

I certainly hope that something will change so that I can truly enjoy downtown all week long, both day and night.

Linda Dewi

Los Altos

Former LA mayor defends city manager

The Daily Post published a Sept. 6 article critical of Los Altos City Manager Chris Jordan. The main criticism is that he is not following closely enough the direction of the city council.

It is interesting to me, having just completed a term on the council, because that “flaw” is what swayed me to hire him. I saw a professional manager who does what is right and has the strength to stand up to pressure.

We all must understand that staff are professionals, whereas council members are amateurs. Many, and I include myself among them, know little about how to run a city. We can easily be swayed by pressure from those who elected us to do what is popular rather than what is right or even legal.

If anything, I would fault Chris for not having been forceful enough to stop the council from taking actions that are now causing three lawsuits against the city. Pressure from certain residents and interest groups have led the council to deny valid building applications.

I can say that for a small city like Los Altos, it is tough to attract talent because of the high cost of housing. We are lucky that Chris agreed to join us.

It is a tough job to be a city manager: Your bosses change every two years. Let us cut him some slack!

Jean Mordo

Former Los Altos Mayor

Foothill College: Treasure in our own backyard

Do any of you wish to learn lipreading because your hearing is becoming impaired? Starting Sept. 23, you could take courses at Foothill College, beginning with ALCB 201.

Wondering what those bugs are in your garden? Take HORT 54J.

Maybe Web Marketing (BUSI 59A) or E-Business (59B) could enhance your current business.

Maybe you’re retired and have always wanted to try drawing (ART 4A) or mural making (Art 4G), sculpture or oil painting.

Are you aware of how much Foothill College offers you for a modest price?

Earlier this summer, I saw an issue of the Town Crier in which some expressed concern about the possibility of homeless Foothill students (in good standing) parking the vehicles they lived in on the Foothill campus.

I wonder how many who worry that this will present a problem know any Foothill students. Of course, in every largeish group, including the city of Los Altos, irresponsible people exist, but I think you’d be impressed with Foothill students.

Further, I think you’re overlooking a treasure in your own backyard. There’s an unfortunate prejudice against community colleges. I encourage you to see for yourselves before you judge. Maybe you’ll enrich your life!

For a list of classes, visit foothill.edu/catalog/pdf/2019-2020_Catalog_Courses.pdf.

Lita Kurth

Former Foothill instructor,

current De Anza instructor

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