Letters to the Editor – Week of Aug. 14

Reforms offered to increase vibrancy

Thank you for the great Aug. 7 editorial, “Downtown needs to get over parking fixation.” As members of the Los Altos Citywide Parking Committee, we published an executive summary that found that:

• “Since 2006, the city of Los Altos has approved eight development projects that granted variances or exceptions for 292 stalls required by code.”

• “Selective or subjective enforcement of parking requirements has resulted in some properties being granted ‘waivers’ from them while other properties have not been granted waivers. The term ‘waiver’ refers to ‘the granting of exceptions or variances when projects do not meet parking requirements.’”

Ironically, the loss of the 292 parking spaces occurred when Friends of Los Altos founders served on the city council.

In addition to arbitrary waivers, the Parking Committee found that “it would require an additional 1,300 parking spaces to satisfy the current unreasonable parking ratios in the downtown parking district area.”

The downtown parking district has 1,449 parking spaces. Instead of 1,300 more parking spaces, we need better parking management. The committee’s report recommended many reforms that would better manage car traffic and parking, create a more pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly city and increase vibrancy.

Kim Cranston, Gary Hedden, Jack Kelly, Bill Maston and David Rock

Los Altos

With cellphones, it bears repeating

Noticing the controversy about adding cellphone repeaters to more locations in Los Altos, I wonder if it would be helpful for me to write, explaining that more repeaters result in less exposure, on average, to radio signals?

Just like human voice communication, if the parties are far apart, they will have to shout. Cellphones and their supporting base stations adjust their power output to get a strong enough signal to the other end.

Closer spacing of base stations means less power is needed to communicate.

Mark Leonard

Los Altos

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